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On The "East Turkistan Separatists" Problem With The Policy Of The United States

Posted on:2012-10-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Xinjiang is an inalienable part of China's territory from ancient times. Before modern times, China used to be a big power and had consolidated frontier defence. At that time, Xinjiang located in frontier area, with comparatively stable social order, it had no strong hostile neighbors or security threat, no"Xinjiang Independence"issue either. Since modern times, along with the decline of Qing dynasty and the aggression of western powers, Xinjiang, because of its unique geo-strategic status, abundant natural resources and far-flung territory, had been the object of western powers'covet and aggression, like Tsars Russia and Britain. Since the 20th century, along with the infiltration of Pan-Islamism and Pan-Turkism as well as the impingement of National Self-determination Principle, under the instigation of western powers, Xinjiang's interior social contradictions intensified and"Xinjiang Independence"forces seized the chance to riot, which finally resulted in the emergence of"Xinjiang Independence"issue. Since then,"Xinjiang Independence"issue became one of the largest negative factors influencing Xinjiang's security, stability and development.By review of modern world history, we can find that, among those separatist movements around the world, one country's separatists always regard outside forces'acceptance and support as an important means for realizing its separating aim while outside forces, particularly big power or big power group, with different intents, sometimes intervene other countries'internal separatist movements in some degree. A series of separatist movements indicated that, without outside forces'support particularly support from big power or big power group, it would be hard for one country's internal separatists to realize its separating aim. Looking at the evolvement process of"Xinjiang Independence"issue, international factors particularly big powers has always been a key variable influencing"Xinjiang Independence"issue. Some big powers, like Britain, former Soviet Union and America intervened"Xinjiang Independence"issue in some degree in different periods. The reason why"Xinjiang Independence"forces can linger on and make split, insurgence, terror and all kinds of split agitprop time after time, to some extent, is because of international forces'particularly big powers'support. Since the beginning of America's intervention of"Xinjiang Independence"issue, America's policy towards"Xinjiang Independence"issue has been an important variable influencing"Xinjiang Independence"issue. Since the end of the Cold War, along with the salience of"Xinjiang Independence"issue, America's policy towards this issue become come to the surface and gradually tend into open, and America's intervention and its influence towards this issue increase continuously. To some extent, America's policy has been the largest outside variable influencing"Xinjiang Independence"issue and the largest outside factor baffling the resolve of"Xinjiang Independence"issue. Moreover, the current study of this issue in China is extremely weak, there are just few articles. Therefore, probing into the historical origin of America's policy, systematically carding the evolvement process of America's policy, analyzing its cause, impact and prospect, and considering China's countermeasures and the fundamental way to realize stability and development in Xinjiang would be an extremely urgent and meaningful issue.This paper will systematically study surround the core issue, that is"Xinjiang Independence"issue and America's policy. The foreword part will first make a brief description of this issue. Then, this paper, on the basis of studying and carding of the emergence and evolvement of"Xinjiang Independence"issue, will analyze the formation of America's policy towards"Xinjiang Independence"issue, card the evolvement process of America's policy, analyze the cause, influence and prospect of America's policy, and consider the essence of"Xinjiang Independence"issue and countermeasures for responding America's policy. This text mainly includes four chapters.The first chapter will systematically study the emergence and evolvement of"Xinjiang Independence"issue. This chapter will first, combining with the change of international, domestic and Xinjiang's situation since modern times, started from ideology and politics, analyze the emergence of"Xinjiang Independence"issue. Then, according to the time sequence, systematically card the evolvement process of this issue so as to have an all-around mastery and cognition of this issue.The second chapter will analyze the formation and systematically card its development process of America's policy towards"Xinjiang Independence"issue. This chapter will start from the setting up of American consulate in Dihua and probe into the formation and initial development of America's policy towards"Xinjiang Independence"issue. Then, taking the adjustment of America's China policy after the end of the Cold War and"9.11"incident as entry point, from the whole to part, systematically card the evolvement of America's policy towards"Xinjiang Independence"issue in the 1990s and post"9.11"incident.The third chapter will analyze the cause, influence and prospect of America's policy towards"Xinjiang Independence"issue. This chapter will first analyze the cause of America's policy from four dimensions, including Manifest Destiny, anti-communism ideology, pragmatistic diplomatic philosophy and national interest, and then study the influence of America's policy, including influences towards"Xinjiang Independence"issue, Sino-US relations and world anti-terror situation. And make an expectation for the prospect of America's policy.The fourth chapter will make considerations on"Xinjiang Independence"issue and America's policy. This chapter will first consider the essence of"Xinjiang Independence"issue. And then consider how to define the position of"Xinjiang Independence"issue in Sino-US relations. Hereon, probe into the principle, position and strategy for responding America's policy.The conclusion part will make a sum-up description of Xinjiang's strategic status, the essence of"Xinjiang Independence"issue and America's policy and consider the way to resolve"Xinjiang Independence"issue and realize Xinjiang's long-term stability.
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