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A Research On The Effectiveness Evaluation And The Improvement Countermeasures Of Administration Supervision

Posted on:2012-07-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330338472704Subject:Administrative Management
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One of the most essential goals pursued by administrative supervision agencies of all the government divisions is how to promote the practical effect of administrative supervision, which is also a basic requirement for the construction of a service-typed government that is highly-efficient, disinterested, responsible and practical with an open and impartial characteristic. It is also a hot debated and difficult problem studied in the academic circles home and abroad. The effect evaluation of the administrative supervision constitutes a brand-new perspective in the research of the realm of administrative supervision, and a probation into this field is most significant theoretically and realistically for the promotion of the deepening of administrative supervision theories; the regulation of the application of the administrative powers; and the strengthening of the system construction for punishing and preventing of bribery, and improving the practical effect of administrative supervision; furthering the reformation in administrative supervision system. Based on the studying and introducing of the advanced theories and successful experiences on both home and foreign government achievement evaluation, this research takes the theories of scientific development outlooks, new public management, achievement management, legal administration and interest related theory etc. as its supporting details and tries to become a new project to solve current Chinese remaining problems in administrative supervision and to promote the development of administrative supervision agencies. With a theoretical hypothesis of the feasibility of the evaluation of administrative supervision effect, the thesis analyzes the theoretical basis and realistic foundation of the practical evaluation of the administrative supervision, constitutes an evaluating system for the effect of all levels of governments in administrative supervision including evaluation subjects, index system, evaluation methods, program building and institutional designing.The thesis adopts the methods of literature research, investigation research and quantitative analysis. It defines scientific development outlooks, new public management theories, achievement management theories, interest related theories, legal administration theories etc. as the theoretical basis of the effect evaluation of administration supervision, and analyzes the realistic foundation of the effect evaluation of administrative administration: the need of strengthening and perfecting administrative supervision system construction, the need of strengthening the construction of the system for punishing and preventing corruption, the need of improving administrative efficiency and promoting the construction of incorrupt government and the need of implementing the administration according to law and building the legal government. It summarizes the achievements of administrative supervision as the acknowledgement on the idea of effect evaluation of administration supervision, the gradual enhancement of citizens'participation in effect evaluation of administration supervision, the successive development of effect evaluation activities of administration supervision and the gradual promoting of effect evaluation of administration supervision. It taps the remaining problems like lacking of strategic direction in practice, unscientific of evaluation index system, lacking of open in evaluation process and lacking of essence meaning of evaluation results. It underlies reasons for administrative supervision effect evaluation. They are the concept of"Public-standard"is insufficient, effect evaluation is a new thing, evaluation activities lack legal protection, evaluation system haven't set up real. With a starting point of the basic requirements of comprehensive, scientific, systematic, measurable and dynamic in the constructing of a system evaluating the effects of administrative supervision, this thesis mainly probes into the six sections in the system construction of administrative supervision evaluation, namely, dimension designating, subject composition, index system construction, approaches options, models construction, system designing. It applies the following studying approaches as balance scoring, level analyzing, ambiguous comprehensive evaluation, satisfaction evaluation, SPSS statistic analysis, which are qualitative analysis methods, in the technological supporting and validity statistic testing to constitute a relatively scientific and reasonable evaluation system the effects of administrative supervision. It carries out a demonstrative research of the administrative supervision evaluation in Hunan Province. After an analyzing of the responsibilities and duties of the respective regional administrative supervision agencies of the 14 regional cities in Hunan Province, this thesis tries to modify and perfect the process in subject selecting, objective identifying, index constructing, evaluation criteria, system designing , model constructing, implementing procedures in the 14 cities'economical and social development survey, and constitutes an evaluation system that is suitable to the regional administrative supervision. Also the thesis actually makes an assessment the practical evaluation effect of the administrative supervision in the 14 cities in Hunan province. Based on the above mentioned 14 cities'evaluation results and demonstrative analysis, the thesis advances the curing strategies for the perfecting of the evaluation effect of the administrative supervision by analyzing the factors influencing the supervision from different dimensions including promoting the theoretical renovation, establishing the legal system, realizing the evaluation mechanism and improving technology innovation.The possible renovation of the thesis lies in the following points: Firstly, the application of quantitative analytical method in politics research field is a new extension of the perspectives in the studying of the administrative supervision. The thesis banishes the traditional research perspectives, changes the original pure theoretical studies focusing on supervision mechanism, system, environment etc., embodies the theory of"humanity First", introduces"citizen involvement", and concentrates on the evaluation of the effects of the administrative supervision; the transplanting of the achievement evaluation methods into supervision evaluation greatly enriches and deepens quantitative research approaches. Secondly, it is the preliminary construction of a relatively scientific and reasonable evaluation system for administrative supervision. With the quantitative analytical approach, the thesis probes and analyzes the dimension designating, subject composition, index constructing, method options, program building, system designing, and constitutes a scientific and reasonable administrative supervision evaluation system. Finally, the demonstrative research in the 14 Hunan regional cities of their respective effect in administrative supervision evaluation promotes the research in administrative supervision evaluation from the perspective of technology, method and system to the perspective of strategy. Aiming at testing the validity of the administrative supervision evaluation, the thesis applies the methods of ambiguous comprehensive evaluation and public satisfaction evaluation in the analysis of the administrative supervision in 14 cities in Hunan Province, hence promoting the administrative supervision evaluation research from the level of technology, methods and system to the level of public management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative Supervision, Practical Effect Evaluation, System Construction, Ambiguous Comprehensive Evaluation, Demonstrative Research
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