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The Research On Marx's Innovation Ideas

Posted on:2012-01-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116330371963121Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Marx's innovation ideas is an important part of Marxism. If we go the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, and build an innovative country, we must abandon the economic value orientation of Schumpeter's innovation theory, adhere to the innovation ideas of Marx and contemporary Chinese innovation practice.First of all, based on Marx's social environment and the practical problems which he faced ,With biographical information on Marx and the memoirs of friends and other circumstantial evidence material, the author used the research method of restoring history, analyzed the historical inevitability of the formation of Marx's innovative ideas. Marx's innovation ideas is not only the result of breeding age, but also absorbing the nutrition of Western ideas.Marx's personal qualities of independent thinking and the strong social sense of the struggle for human liberation, is the subjective conditions that Marx's innovation ideas generated.Second, based on the faithful to the original,the author used the literature research method and the induction research method, etc, Systematically mined, sorted, refined Marx's scientific innovation ideas, technological innovation ideas, system innovation ideas and the value orientation of Marx's innovation theory, realistically evaluated the historical contribution and inadequate of Marx's innovation ideas. In Marxist perspective, innovation is an active process which people create the certain value and unprecedented new results to achieve their goals though acting on the object.Innovation behaves three basic forms which are science innovation, technological innovation, system innovation. Based on criticizing the short-sighted goal and the single standard of capitalist innovation, Marx put forward to use the free and comprehensive development of human as the goal of innovation and use the fundamental interests of proletariat and the masses as the highest value measure of innovation, solved two fundamental issues on innovation value that"who is the subject of innovation and the innovation for whom", established the dominant position of the people of innovation and the dominant position of having innovation results, highlighted people-oriented core Value.Again, the author used the systematic carding research method and comparative analysis research method, combed the development context of innovation theory after Marx, analyzed the impact of Marx's innovation ideas on the innovation theory later, and compared them with innovation ideas of Marx. In particular, the author compared Schumpeter's innovation theory with innovation ideas of Marx. She came to the conclusion that"Schumpeter's innovation theory to some extent by the influence of Marx's innovation ideas. In some ways, it inherited and developed Marx's technological innovation and system innovation ideas, but their views about the nature of innovation, the form and function of innovation, the value orientation of innovation are essential differences. Compared with Schumpeter's innovation theory, Marx's innovation ideas more fully, systematic, deep, and full of humane care". Therefore, the author demonstrated and established that Marx is the real ancestor of innovation theory.Finally, the author linked closely Marx's innovation ideas with the actual situation in China, in order to find out which we can learn to guide the implement of scientific development concept and building an innovative country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx, scientific innovation ideas, technological innovation ideas, system innovation ideas, the value orientation of Marx's innovation theory
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