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On The Comparison Study For The Policy Of Enterprise Technological Innovation At Home And Abroad

Posted on:2003-06-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360062485394Subject:Political economy
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The research in policy about the technological innovation generally proceeds with three respects: Firstly, the general theoretical research about the technological innovation policy; Secondly, the research about the concrete technological innovation policy; Thirdly, the comparative studies about various countries on technological innovation policy. This text mainly launched studying from the third respect. The technological innovation is not an isolated incident, but the course of the interaction of subject who is correlated with of every advantages and disadvantages in the network of National Innovation of System. In this network, the enterprise is a subject of technological innovation.Relatively very great limitation carried on technological innovation policy under the new classical economic model. So this text was carried on under the frame of Comparative Institutional Analysis. The Comparative Institutional Analysis is the tool comparing difference of the economic system. The difference of the economic system is of an enterprise system and institutions, that are formed of person who is correlated with of advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise in fact. The author tries hard Jo reflect the overall picture of the interaction of subject who is correlated with of every advantages and disadvantages from different sides through the study on technological innovation of the enterprise. At the same timethe author also tries to reflect the similarities and differences of the policy on technological innovation in domestic and international objectively.The main contribution of this text is lain in : Under the basic frame of Comparative Institutional Analysis, relatively studies are new explorationing to technological innovation policy, enterprise system, nonbalanced in technological innovation, and put forward a series of policy and suggestion that are correlated with.This text rely mainly on study in positive, normative method that complement, go on and expound the fact from following four level:The first level: The theory is prepared. Include the introduction, cutting point and research approach studied of the question mainly; Introduce the theory origin of technological innovation and newest progress of research; Analysing that carries on the limitation that the technological innovation policy compares under the new classical economics model, The situation that outline introduces the system of comparing and analyses. Its main content includes in chapter one and chapter two.The second level: Proceed with enterprise's own system mainly, from two respects of enterprise system and enterprise scope, probe into the regularity of technological innovation of the enterprise. Main content includes in chapter three and chapter four.The third level: On the basis of second level, the scope on study will be expanded from one's own system of the enterprise to subjects who is correlated with of advantages and disadvantages with the enterprise, for instance the government, research organization, etc. The concrete content is included to these five chapters from chapter five to chapter nine. Studying the time span relatively long in the third level, the visual angle range is relatively wide. Start with the respects, such as property right encouraging, government function and market mechanism, National Innovation of System, technological policy and technological innovation environment, etc. mainly, the author analyses to technological innovation policy under the basic frame of Comparative Institutional Analysis, Expect to offer helpful reference for policy of technological innovation of our country.The fourth level: Discuss the challenge to technological innovation of knowledge economy mainly.The enterprise originally in the article is different from the enterprise under the new classical economic model. Under new classical economic" model enterprise as subject of marketing, by capital,labour,etc. input amount of production factors decide amount of production. And in originally in the articl...
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