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On Deng Xiaoping's Concept Of Development And Its Practice In China

Posted on:2001-11-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360002951070Subject:Scientific socialism
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The whole logic structure and main contents of this paper consist of three parts: the preface, the text, and the conclusion. The writer raises the question in the preface, focusing on the concept I explanation about the viewpoint and the definition for research scope, elaborating on research methods, angles of view, and research outline by far in China, as well as on theoretical and practical significance of the research. In the first chapter, the writer looks back to research on the development viewpoint over the past 100-strong years, with most coverage going to the probing into issues on social development by classical writers, and the background under which Deng Xiaoping's development viewpoint took shape. In the second chapter, the writer deals with the viewpoint's framework and structure, grouping it into 10 aspects: development is the absolute principle; development objectives; development opportunity; development road; development line; development driving forces; development strategy; development ways; development coordination; and development rules. In the third chapter, the writer elaborates on the theoretical basis on which Deng Xiaoping put forward his viewpoint on development according to the primary stage of socialism; in the writer's opinion, the cornerstone of Deng's development viewpoint lies in his thoughts on the nature of socialism and the major contradictions of socialism, which he defined as the eternal focus to develop productive forces. In the fourth chapter, the writer tells about the overall features of the development viewpoint, namely, the sharp-out time spirit, profound nationalism, strong practical nature, an open system, and keen concern for the people at large. In the fifth chapter, the writer summarizes the process for the country's social, political, economic,and cultural development over the past two decades as well as the major achievements, in a bid to prove that Deng Xiaoping's development viewpoint is a scientific and creative one in guiding China's reform and opening-up drive. In the last or the sixth chapter, the writer focuses on the theoretical preparation and practical exploration by the third-generation of the central leadership with hang Zemin at the core on China's cross-century development, believing that China can surely realize its modernization objective: a strong, democratic and civilized country, so long as it follows the correct development road initiated and set by Deng Xiaoping. Revelation and conclusion: the writer details in eight aspects the role of Deng Xiaoping's development viewpoint in resolving the fundamental theoretical problem of what socialism is and how to build socialism, sayingthat the fundamental theoretical problem is the major subject and core of Deng Xiaoping Theory.
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