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On Deng Xiaoping People Juche Idea

Posted on:2001-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360002452710Subject:Marxist philosophy
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This article is a thesis studying Deng Xiaoping 憇 people subject thought in socialist period. The study on this thought has great significance to advance China's innovation and opening policy and modernized construction, strengthen people's idea of subject, promote people's activeness, improve people's capability of subject, further human's overall development and realize the liberation of mankind. On the basis of predecessors?study, this thesis explores the definition, content, restricting factors, realizing pathways and the significance of Deng Xiaoping's people subject thought. There are five parts in this thesis: Part one, the definition and classification of people subject. According to the definition of subject in Marxism Philosophy, Mao Zedong's understanding of the connotation and extension of people in his late year's practice, summarizes Deng Xiaoping's definition of people subject. Part two, the main content of people subject thought. According to the history and status quo of China's socialist revolution and construction, illustrates that people is the subject of history ,of value and of their own destiny, in which emphasizes the idea that people is the subject of value. Part three, the restricting factors of the nature of people subject . From the point of view that the subject standing of people is demonstrated and confirmed during learning and innovating nature ,society and its own sensitive practice, combined with the status quo of our country ,illustrates the restriction on subject coming from material productive force, material living standard ,economic and political system ,the quality and capability of subject itself. Part four, pathways to realize the nature of people subject. In accordance with the restricting factors ,illustrates that Deng Xiaoping maintains to promote the people's subject nature through liberating and developing productive force ,advancing socialist economic and political system innovation and strengthening socialist spiritual construction. Part five, the significance of people subject thought. In accordance with the misplay of oppression on people subject nature in socialist construction, illustrates the significance of Deng Xiaoping?s people subject thought ,namely, restoring careens for realis.tic and concrete individual's interests; paying attention to people's material living standard and spiritual habitude; appreciating the output of subject nature on three stages of country ,collective and individual ;wakening up the sleepy significance of subject ,beneficial to society's overall development.
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