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Thought Of Deng Xiaoping's Political Reform

Posted on:2001-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360002950418Subject:Marxist Theory
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Deng Xiaoping Thought of Political System Reform (DTOPSR) is the important part of Deng theoretical science system, and it抯 the further development of Marxist theory of the state, it抯 also the scientific theory guiding the practice of China抯 political system reform (PSR).At the moment, with the further development of economic system reform(ESR),PSR is in urgency, so the further learning and studying on DTOPSR holds an important practical significance.This essay macroscopically expounds the formation, development, basic ideas, ideological features and important significance of DTOPSR. Besides the introduction and conclusion, this essay is composed of 3 parts.The 1St part is about the formation condition and development process of DTOPSR. The formation of DTOPSR is related to the particular historical conditions, which contain the change of historical issues, tidal reform all over the world, recognition of reform faults from pro-Russia and eastEuropean socialist countries and urgent reform of China抯 political system. Marxist theory of social reform is the theoretical basis of DTOPSR. Sweeping view on DTOPSR, I think DTOPSR develops in 4 stages which are stage of preparation, of formation, of well- consideration and of improvement.The 2nd part is about the ideas and features. DTOPSR is a perfect theoretical system, which is mainly about why to reform, what to reform and how to reform. In detail, it includes the importance, the content, the goal, the rule, the principle and so forth of PSR. It抯 very important to correctly interpret these points, for they are the core contents of DTOPSR. The significant feature of DTOPSR lies in its practical use and development of Marxist basic theory. DTOPSR is permeated with materialism, as well as pragmatism; it抯 filled with materialist dialectics, as well as dialectics; it holds firmly to the viewpoint of 損ractice is the target? as well as practicality; it bases itself on mass historical view, as well as mass character.The 3~ part is the status and significance of DTOPSR. DTOPSR has a very important theoretical value, which develops Marxism to a new stage and perfects Marxist theory of the state, which is also an important part of Deng theoretical system and basic theory of China抯 PSR. The practice of DTOPSR pushes China抯 ESR forward, motivates development of China抯 productive force, speeds up progress of democratic and legal system construction. DTOPSR also contributes to the world, for it puts forward helpful theory for socialist movement, provides useful experience for the countries in the 3~ world, thus we say DTOPSR is precious moral prosperity for the whole world.
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