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Thought Of Deng Xiaoping's National Security Research

Posted on:2001-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360002452785Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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National security is an ancient subject. It has new connotation in the present word. As a socialist country and the biggest developing country, to strive for a steady and peaceful international and national environment for existence and development, China needs the guidance of Deng Xiaoping thought about national security in theory and practice. So, to study it has important theoretical and realistic meanings. The thesis is divided into four parts: Part one narrates the historical and realistic surroundings of Deng Xiaoping thought about national security. Deng Xiaoping had made an investigation about the stages of the evolution of secure conditions that the developing country had experienced during globalization. Thus he thought that 搉one of the two problems of peace and development have been settled till now?and that 損resent situation is not in social peace and tranquility? Part two expounds Deng Xiaoping抯 assessment on secure conditions of China. Under the historical surroundings mentioned above, he gave an accurate assessment on national secure conditions of china. He thought we were in early stage of socialist society. So while assessing secure conditions, we should neither be arrogant and conceited nor be humble and inferior, that is neither too optimistic nor too pessimistic and we should handle security and development dialectically. Part three describes the secure aim that Deng Xiaoping thought about national Security strives for. China is both a socialist country and developing country. The national conditions and Deng Xiaoping抯 assessment mentioned above determines that Deng Xiaoping抯 secure aim touches upon politics, ecology ideology, military affairs, economics, ecology etc. His thought about national security is one on the basis of the comprehensive strength of a nation. Part four introduces the policy and the strategy put forward by Deng Xiaoping to safeguard national security. The policy and the strategy are reflected by two aspects, which guide us how to deal with both international and national dangerous factors.
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