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Study On Evaluation And Sustainable Utilization Of The Wetlands In Yellow River Delta (Dongying)

Posted on:2002-06-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360032455993Subject:Agricultural economics and management
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Wetland is one of the major and unique parts of the earth ecosystem.Wetlands provide human beings indispensable freshwater, and play animportant role in impounding water, recharging groundwater and keeping thebalance for regional water distribution. Besides supplying human beingsvarious resources such as agricultural products, fishing products and mineralproducts, wetlands also contain plenty of genetic resource which are extremelyvaluable for the existence of biological species, especially for those who arerare or in danger for survival. Wetlands also provide many services such asregulating climate, preventing soil erosion, making lands, decomposingpollutant, forming environmental amenity and so on. Wetlands contribute suchgreat ecological, economic and social services to the whole ecosystem thatthey are eulogized as "kidney of the earth".China is one of the countries that hold rich wetlands with diversified typesand big amounts. Chinese wetlands are famous for some unique characteristicssuch as significant regional difference, rich bio-diversity, long histories forexploration and diversified ways for utilization.The wetlands in Yellow River Delta in Dongying (YRDD) have somecommon factors with other wetlands in China. Thus this study chose thewetlands in YRDD as the major study object, using ecological and manyresource & environmental economic methods to evaluate the service andbenefits of the wetlands in YRDD. The management strategy, counter-measures, and action options for wetland resource development as well as theobjectives of wetland conservation in YRDD were put forward. Besides, Thisstudy also tried to enrich and develop the theory and methods of resource &environmental economics, and provide some useful experience and referencefor the valuation, utilization and sustainable development of other wetlands inChina.The valuation of the service of the wetlands is the foundation for rationalconservation and utilization. The service and value of wetlands come from theinteraction among the biological, physical and chemical components of theecosystem. In general, the value is decided by the scales of the wetlands, theservices that wetlands can provide and the social and economic environment?187?ABSTRACTwhere the wetlands are located in. Under the given conditions of the social andeconomic background, the value of the wetlands' functions, use, and attributeswill be revealed in terms of market prices.The evaluation of the wetlands is to investigate and calculate the typesand values of the functions, uses, and attributes that one wetland possesses.The result can provide scientific basis and reference for the conservation and4rational utilization of the wetland. The methodology used in this dissertationincludes direct market method, indirect market method, contingent valuationmethod, cost benefit analysis, market valuation for practical effect, etc. Thetechnique for valuation differs from the different wetland service. How tochoose a suitable method for valuation depends on the types and amounts ofavailable information as well as the feasibility and related cost.YRDD holds rich wetlands both in types and landscapes. With the help ofGIS and RS information, the study categorized the wetlands in YRDD threemajor levels. The first level includes natural wetlands and artificial wetlands.The second level is classified according to the hydrology conditions andlandscape types of the wetlands. The third level is classified into integratedsystem for sorting. The major characteristics of the wetlands in YRDD are asfollowed: firstly, perennial seeper occupies the major part of the wetland,accounting for 63% of the total areas, and the productivity of the wetlandsmainly decided by fishery. Secondly, the dynamic changes...
Keywords/Search Tags:Wetlands, Yellow River Delta (Dongying), ecological valuation ofwetlands, economic evaluation of wetlands' services, CVM, Sustainable development
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