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Institution Researches On China Securities Company

Posted on:2002-10-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:P ZouFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360062480342Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As an endogenous variable of China securities market and securities companies' development, the institutional arrangement and supply are of decisive significance and importance during the period of China economy mode transition. The main contents in this article include:1. This article finds subsistent malpractices and abuses of institutional choice in existence and brings forward improving suggestions to the institutional transition through analyzing the property institution, financing institution and legal institution of China securities companies' development.2. This article has constituted a series of game theory models and researched the behaviors of participating in the market gaming and its equilibrium zones. Through demonstration analyses, we have given the direction and development track of institutional arrangement.3. Through handling factoring analysis method, we have constituted a judgement system of judging the managing status for the securities companies, and have made a demonstrating simulation for China top 12 securities companies.4. Based on China's existing laws and regulations and taking foreign securities companies' managing practice experience for reference, we analyze in details the existing status of underwriting and brokerage businesses scope in china securities companies, and bring forward a transition scheme for the brokerage securities companies to the synthesis one.5. After reviewing and scrutinizing the existing status of china securities companies, we advance that the merging and acquisition within the industry will be the institutional choice for china securities companies' development. This article analyzes the main managing index of the securities companies and puts forward several deductions and supposes with the meaning of directive for the securities companies' structure adjustment, based on the Center-limit Theorem and Gaussian Distribution.6. In this article, we analyze the prospect of China securities companies industry and the WTO influences to China securities companies. After realism researching the china securities companies industry's disparting management, we propose a countermeasures for the mix management of china securities companies industry. Otherwises we introduce and analyze the on-line network exchange, a rapidly emerging securities exchange institutional innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:securities companies, institutional arrangement, game models
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