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On China's Development Of New Economy

Posted on:2003-04-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360062495805Subject:Political economy
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New Economy originates from the United States; the Chinese, however, interpret and deal with New Economy in a different way. We maintain that in the development of New Economy China should seize the millennium opportunity to meet the global hi-tech challenge. The development of China's New Economy should be based on its strategy of Strengthening the Country through Science and Education, with its focus of attention on innovation in science and technology. To achieve a breakthrough, China should promote information construction. Furthermore, China should reinforce government functions to ensure that China fully involves itself in the development of New Economy, and, with the peripheral environment in mind, consider what governmental measures need to be taken. At the advent of New Economy, Fujian Province, on its part, should also come up with new ideas in its effort to keep up with the development and push ahead.Several considerations lead to the present study and render its significance.1. Over the couple of years, America's New Economy Fever has spread over nearly every part of the world. Nevertheless, ambiguities do exist in the study of New Economy, which renders it necessary for individual researchers to present general views, and, stepping out of the "American Shadow," view the New Economy from a Chinese perspective.2. The development of New Economy in China is a brand-new research area, whose significance lies in the fact that China is at present engaged in an all-round development of socialist market economy, making positive effort to strengthen the country through science and education, to encourage blazing new trails in science and technology, and promote information construction so as to get wholly involved in economic globalization.3. In recent years, while making decent academic achievements in the research of America's New Economy, theoretical circle has paid scant heed to China's New Economy, let alone monographic studies of its development. Thus the author's attempt to step into this field renders some academic value to the present study.Under the guidance of Marxist Economic Theory, this study focuses on the central theme of the development of New Economy in China while undertaking the contrast of definition, the exposition of theories, the exploration of countermeasuresand their practical applications.This dissertation comes into three parts. Chapter One is the introduction. It is mainly involved in the discussion of China's New Economy through comparison of it's ambiguous senses; it introduces the origin of New Economy and its macroscopic background and presents theoretical transcendence of Neo-economics through the comparison of relevant principles of new and traditional economics. In this chapter, the themes and conclusion have been distinctively presented.The second part, constituted by the following four chapters, is the main body of the dissertation. It expounds the inevitability, challenges, essential path, prerequisites, focus of attention, and the penetration point in the development of China's New Economy, attempting to integrate the general principles and specific cases, long-term programs and immediate concerns, logic essence and history revelation, deduction and induction.Chapter Six, the last part, is of practical application. It presents in general and specific terms China's basic program in promoting information construction, and deliberates the particular functions of the government in the process, in contrast with the practice of the U.S. government. A separate section is reserved in this chapter for a case study of Fujian Province. Based on the local conditions in Fujian, exposed to the climate of coping with the New Economy, the study explores and summarizes the basic measures taken and lines of thought followed by the Province to promote information construction in its effort to keep up with the age of New Economy. Finally the author makes an evaluation of the development of software industry in Fujian.Innovation and breakthroughs in the pres...
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