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The Status Que, Opportunities And Challenges About Marine Economic Cooperation Between China And ASEAN

Posted on:2017-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330488986132Subject:International relations
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The 21st century is the century of ocean, the ocean is a treasure resource of the sustainable development of human society, is becoming the second human living space. At the same time, it is the important strategy space to realize the development of a country, in the fields of politics, economy, culture and military, its important position is more and more obvious. As a "mainland marine type" country, China possesses 18000 kilometers of coastline, nearly three millions square kilometers of blue land area. Since the 21st century, our country’s marine economy has achieved sustained and rapid development, the proportion in the national economy is more and more big, the country also put more attention on the development of marine economy and set out a series of ocean developmental planning and strategy. ASEAN and China are good neighbors and good partners, road connected to the sea. The Chinese government has always considered ASEAN as the priority of neighboring diplomacy, strengthened the two sides’exchanges and cooperation in politics, economy and culture, the ocean is the main channel for economic and trade exchanges between China and ASEAN countries, and ASEAN countries is an important hub of the maritime silk road. The proposal of "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" opens a new era of China’s cooperation with ASEAN, marine economic cooperation has become a new bright spot of China-ASEAN cooperation.In this paper, the research mainly divide into five parts. The first part mainly explain the marine economy, clear the concept and characteristics of the marine economy and the connotation and classification of marine industry, this is a theoretical basis of this article. The second part analyzes the status quo of the marine economic cooperation between China and ASEAN. Firstly, from the aspects of the China-ASEAN maritime connectivity, regional economic cooperation mechanism, the preparation for the platform of the China-ASEAN exchange and cooperation and maritime science and technology cooperation, I explain the present situation of China-ASEAN inter-governmental marine economic cooperation. Then, I analyze marine economic cooperation situation for China and ASEAN countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam. The third part expounds the opportunities of the China-ASEAN economic cooperation, the boosting of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, the building of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area "upgrade", the establishment and development of regional financial institutions, as well as the use of their geographical advantages and development of China’s coastal provinces and cities, all these are conducive to the development and deepening of China-ASEAN marine economic cooperation. But the development of China-ASEAN marine economic development is not smooth, there are still some obstacles, so the fourth part analyzes the challenges of China-ASEAN marine economic development, there are powers’ factors outside the region, especially the adverse effects of the United States’"returning to the Asia-Pacific", at the same time, there are still some problems in the region:South China Sea sovereignty dispute, political and economic cooperation basis is not strong enough, defects of the related cooperation mechanisms between China and ASEAN nations, as well as the challenges for the both sides in the marine environment. The last part is based on the problems existing in the course of the marine economic cooperation between China and ASEAN nations, put forward a series of the pointed countermeasures and suggestions, draw a satisfactory full stop for the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:marine economy, China, the Association of South-East Asian nations (ASEAN), 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, countermeasures and suggestions
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