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The Reform Of Enhancing Jurisdiction And Strengthening County In China: Challenges And Countermeasures

Posted on:2008-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Compared to the central government, provincial government and township government, theoretical studies on the county-level government have been relatively weak. Along with the reform of enhancing jurisdiction and strengthening county in China, development of the county government's study is unprecedented fast. This shows that the study of reform of enhancing jurisdiction and strengthening county has theoretical significance to China's public administration.The reform of enhancing jurisdiction and strengthening county is in varying degrees by the provinces, municipalities authorized decentralization as a means of expanding the jurisdiction of government economic management and social management.The background of the reform of enhancing jurisdiction and strengthening county is that with the establishment of a market economy, the City-governing-county has been unable to meet the requirements of the times. City-governing-county not only has too many levels, but also (not only…but also) is not good for the market to play a dominant role in the allocating resources, and it is not good for the government to the functions of social services. In addition, county-level administrative region is not conducive to the residents to enjoy equal opportunities for development.The reform of enhancing jurisdiction and strengthening county is of great significance. It will help to eliminate unreasonable way of allocating resources and let market to play the key role in allocation resources. It is also conducive to the redistribution of power at all levels of government and helps government agencies to streamline and improve administrative efficiency. What's more, it is conducive to achieving the rights of citizens to participate in public affairs.At the present, China has had the conditions of technique and system to promote reform of enhancing jurisdiction and strengthening county. First, the establishment and improvement of the market economic system provides an institutional condition. Secondly, urban governance and management of rural divide more obviously that the conditions are now ripe for the urban and rural administrate separately. Thirdly, along with the progress of communications and information technology and the improvement of transportation conditions, flat government management and technical conditions have ripened. Finally, the experience of Zhejiang Province for a comprehensive reform has very important meanings as an example.However, the reform of enhancing jurisdiction and strengthening county also faces some new challenges. First of all, it arouses the competition between the city and the county, so this requires a higher level of local government macro-control and rational decisions. Second, the challenge brings reform of the financial system. Third, the reform requests the government to improve the supervision and restraint mechanisms. Fourth, the reform will inevitably have an impact on the interests of the prefecture-level cities. Therefore, this makes reform in trouble.To overcome these obstacles, in promoting the right to expand County in the process, we have taken specific measures to reform financial management, Strengthen supervision of the county-level governments to ensure its rational use of power, Establish good relations between the governments, and so on.The aim of the reform of enhancing jurisdiction and strengthening county is to let the province directly supervise of the county government. As the reform touches on deep-seated problems, the country's economic and social development difference from province to province, therefore, reform must be tailored conditions, according to he experience of pilot provinces, to be implemented in phases, classification, and echelon start gradually.
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