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On Investment Structure

Posted on:2003-12-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092475709Subject:Political economy
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The economic development is indeed a dynamic process in which the industry structure improves in succession. The main factor that restricts the industry structure improvement is investment structure. Up to now, the adjustment of industry structure is a hotspot in the research of application economics in China, but few people relate the two problems to each other theoretically. So it is very difficult to speed up the improvement of industry structure and increase the yield of investment. And at the same time, investment has little helping effect on economic growth or it can not advance the sustainable development of economy.Using the available research achievements in the world at present for reference, this paper redefines the connotation and reconstructs the system of investment structure. With the combinations of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, factor and system, static and dynamic, by the portrait angle from history to realism and the landscape orientation angle of contrasting china and foreign countries, the author makes a research from various levels, aspects and directions of investment-productive forces structure, investment-national economy structure, investment subject structure, investment capital structure, investment industry structure and investment space structure, analyzing the realistic deviation of investment structure in china and its causes ,putting forward an effective policy to adjust incremental and stock investment structure.Based on the fact that developed countries have already been in the era that knowledge is economy, the author in this paper argues to analyze investment capitalstructure macroscopically, which can help developing countries take correct measures of material and labor capital to give full play to their own advantages after developed countries and realize economic development with the features of catching-up or leaping-up pattern. The article studies investment structure benefit not just economically, but socially, microcosmically and macroscopically so as to ensure that China's economy will have a sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Investment, Structure, Investment Structure, Deviation, Adjustment
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