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Study On Agriculture Sustainable Development In Windy And Sandy Region Along The Great Wall Of North Shaanxi

Posted on:2004-08-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:A J ShangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095450504Subject:Crop Cultivation and Farming System
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Agriculture satisfies mankind's need as the most fundamental and oldest industry. Since the first social division of labor, it has been flourishing. Food produced by agriculture offers everlasting impetus for mankind's survival and multiplication, however the way of agriculture resources exploitation and utilization, the choice of development strategy are optimized constantly. The subject " Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development" put forward in the international meeting "Agriculture and Development" by FAO in 1991 marked "agriculture sustainable development" had become mankind's common choice. Sustainable development discards "unlimited growth view" which predominates development in the times of industry civilization and "zero growth" scheme hold by pessimist; advocates both survival and development, which embodies the pressing for harmonious development of nature, society and human beings.Windy and sandy region along the Great Wall of North Shaanxi is situated in the southeast edge of the Mu US Desert, north of Shaanxi loess plateau, belongs to interim zone between Erdos plain and loess plateau. Owing to its peculiar geographical position and historical origin, it is not only a serious expanding area of desertification but also a representative overlapping part of agriculture and husbandry in North China, so it's one of the most fragile eco-environment and impoverished areas, also it's a natural geographic zone with special climate, vegetation, soil, hydrology, as well as abundant energy and halite resources. Moreover, it is characterized by a distinctive social, economic and cultural style or flavor, thus constitute a compound nature-economy-society system.According to characteristics in windy and sandy region along the Great Wall of North Shaanxi, the theory and practice of agriculture sustainable development are applied to the field of agriculture in this area; the situation of natural resources, water and soil resources bearing capacity, level and capability of agriculture sustainable development are studied thoroughly; strategies, modes, technical systems and approaches of agriculture sustainable development are established in order to harmonize the contradiction of population, resource and environment as well as of economy, ecology and society. Consequently, agriculture sustainable development can be realized and used for reference for choice ofstrategies and approaches in similar areas.This paper is divided into 7 parts. In chapter 1, the origin and theory of agriculture sustainable development, the mode of resources utilization and major techniques at home and abroad are discussed systematically. The challenges which agriculture sustainable development of China in 21st century will face are put forward. In chapter 2, the present situation of desertification, advantage of desert and sand land resources, the strategic significance of the overlapping part of agriculture and husbandry in North China for Chinese future survival and development are analyzed .It is considered that the restriction of population, resource and environment are backgrounds of Development of the West Regions Policy. The status and role of Windy and sandy region along the Great Wall of North Shaanxi are confirmed. The research content and approach of agriculture sustainable development in windy and sandy region along the Great Wall of North Shaanxi are designed. In chapter 3, the evolution of fragile eco-environment, natural resources of agriculture, current situation of agricultural production, existing problems and sustaining system, condition of humane environment in windy and sandy region along the Great Wall North Shaanxi have been studied thoroughly. It is elucidated that these factors are basis for agriculture sustainable development. In chapter 4,in view of the demand for water in each economic unit and capability of regional supply, it is brought forward that the essence of water resource bearing capacity is to satisfy the balance of supply and demand of economy, ecology and sustainable development at pres...
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