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On The Dynamic Research To Enterprise Technological Innovation

Posted on:2004-12-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360095457402Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the approaching of knowledge economy, the wave of technological innovation fluctuates, which simultaneously brings immense impetus to the development of economy. Many world well-known enterprises usher in a successful way relying on their persistent technological innovation, thus proving that technological innovation is the key factor in accelerating the development of enterprises as well. However, from general point of view, the present state of domestic innovation is far from being optimism. The surface issue is the low efficiency of technological innovation, the deep one is the deficiency of that. Therefore, on the condition that our country's succeeding in entry into WTO, and enterprises' confrontation in severe international competition, the research into impetus of technological innovation and exploration of how to intensify innovation impetus can be not only of theoretical value, but also of realistic significance.The thesis constructs dynamic system of enterprise technological innovation from the systematic aspect, according to the current state in lack of integrity of the dynamic relative research into the innovation. The system consists of two sub-systems. Among them, the external innovative dynamic sub-system of enterprises entails many dynamic elements, such as market-demanding force, market-competing stress, technological impetus and supporting force exerted by government policies and strategies. The internal innovative dynamic sub-system of enterprises is composed of several dynamic forces including the force driven by enterprise interest, influencing force made by the spirit of entrepreneur, affecting force given by enterprise culture, catalyzing force inspired by enterprise promoting mechanism and guarantee force provided by enterprise innovation. Thus all the technological innovative impetus can be integrated into an organic unity. Meanwhile, the thesis makes a systematic analysis of the main points concerning two famous automatic organization theory, that is consumption structure theory and association theory, indicating the important approach to evolution and development of technological innovation dynamic system.In order to clarify all kinds of elements of innovative impetus in their functional mechanism of processes in promoting enterprise technological innovation, the thesis makes a further study of dynamic mechanism of technological innovation. After giving a clear defining of definitions, characters and functions of the dynamic mechanism of technological innovation, it makes a further exploration of operation type for the mechanism of enterprise technological innovation, on the basis of elaborating the relative relations for dynamic elements of technological innovation, starting from the analysis of behavior goal of enterprise main body and the individual one. Thus making itclear that all kinds of dynamic elements play an important role in running process of the dynamic mechanism of enterprise technological innovation, effect between them, and conversion mechanism as well.It is a key role in realizing the quantitative research that we make a scientific proper evaluation of the current state of enterprise technological innovation impetus. On the premises of the given principles to be followed, the thesis constructs a general evaluative index system of enterprise technological innovative impetus composing four levels, 30 bottom indexes , on the basis of dynamic systematic composition of enterprise technological innovation, through further analysis and differentiation of the relative affecting factors. At the same time, the weight of every factor in determining index system was obtained in the application of grid method and fuzzy Borda number analytical method. The thesis determines the comprehensive evaluative results for enterprise technological innovative impetus by adopting the projection method of main constituents. Hence the comprehensive evaluative model of enterprise technological innovative impetus can be established so as to make a full preparation for the followin...
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