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Study On Support System To Improve The Competitiveness Of Agricultural Products In HuBei Within The WTO Framework

Posted on:2004-06-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095460766Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Agriculture is the foundation of national economy. It is an industry of vital significance to the peaceful development of the world. All countries in the world have attached great importance and attention to this industry. Agriculture is a particularly important industry to China, an agricultural giant with an enormous population. China's agriculture has undergone tremendous difficulties and it is now pressing ahead. China's WTO accession will bring China closer to the economic globalization on a higher level and in a broader sphere. In face of the fierce market competition in the global economic drive, it remains a worry of the party and the government as well as the focus of attention of the whole society how Chinese agriculture copes with the challenge. The solutions lie in quite a few aspects but the fundamental one, however, relies on the increase of the overall quality of agriculture and the sharpened competitive edge of agricultural products on the markets, which is a necessary step we have to take and a quality leap we need to attain. The theoretical world has been pondering upon the question and the practitioners have been seeking for ultimate solution to the question. Under this circumstance and based on the big agricultural province Hubei, an in-depth study and analysis of the consolidation of the support system of the agricultural products under the WTO framework, a proposal of corresponding measures and new ideas of system innovation are of important theoretical and practical significance to the agricultural development in Hubei, the central part of China and even the whole country.The dissertation, in the principle of integration of theory with practice conducts a detailed and systematic analysis and evaluation of the key elements affecting the competitiveness of agricultural products, arrive at corresponding policy analysis and defenses, and finally initiates solution proposals and make an analysis on the level of system innovation with a comprehensive use of the knowledge and theories of agriculture economics, comparative economics, regional economics, international trade and agricultural and natural science and an adoption of the combination of macro-analysis and micro-analysis, demonstration study and criterion study, ration analysis and nature determination analysis, comparative analysis, statistics analysis, computation economic model.The dissertation, apart from the introduction comprises of nine chapters in the order of inner logic sequence. The introduction clarifies the purpose and significance of the research and the overseas and domestic research trends, gives a general narration of the guideline, research methods, basic thought and framework of the dissertation and inducesthe main innovative points of the dissertation and problems to be further studied. As the research background briefing, Chapter One gives a brief introduction of the connotation of the WTO agriculture framework and China's major commitments to WTO regarding the agricultural aspects. Chapter Two makes a considerably detailed analysis about the overall impact of China's WTO accession on the agricultural development of China and Hubei particularly as well as the influence on different regions, different industries and different principal parts of industries and hence put forth some relevant macro-countermeasures China and Hubei need to take for a sustained and sound agricultural development in face of the major obstacles resulted by China's entry into WTO against the background of globalization drive. Chapter Three conducts a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the comparative advantages and competitiveness of the agricultural products of China and Hubei on the basis of expatiation of the connotation, key elements and testing methods of the comparative advantages and competitiveness of agricultural products. Chapter Four to Chapter Eight give a fairly systematic and in-depth analysis and research of the key elements and support system which influence the competitiveness of agricultural products respectiv...
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