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Non-public Economy In The Western Ethnic Areas In The Angle Of Modern Visual Angle

Posted on:2004-01-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360095953629Subject:Special History
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The contribution of non-public economy to national economy and its important function in regional development have already got unanimous attention of government and the commonalty day by day. The modernization issue has been a hot academic topic since the late 20th century. However, the academic modernization of western ethnic areas and non-public economic questions have not been observed so far, nor have the relation and the serious restriction of the underdeveloped non-public economy in this area. So this dissertation studies the changes of ownership structures and the problems of non-public economic development in the western ethnic areas with the visual angle of modernization. It must be an important topic full of practical significance with great academic value.Academic ValueFirst, exploring the ownership structures and issues of non-public economic development in ethnic areas with fresh visual angle and intersecting method of various subjects. It is of great significance on the deep study for widening and intensifying the study. Second, the comparative researches on non-public economic development between the western and eastern areas can unfold the gap, explain the reasons andinfluence to promote the researches on ethnic economy. Third, the inner link between non-public economy and regional prosperity and modernization is theoretically revealed. It is announced that non-public economy is one of the basic motive forces for regional prosperity and modernization and the level of non-public economic development presents one aspect the regional modernization level. It is beneficial to explore the profound theoretical problems of the prosperity and the modernization in western ethnic areas. Practice MeaningFirst, this dissertation exerts efforts to explore the restriction modernization and the environment of existence, development of non-public economy in the western ethnic minority areas, the causes of its under-development, which is helpful for the governments and the society to care about the non-public economic issues in the ethnic areas further and overcome the difficulties in its development conscientiously. Second, comparing different characteristics of non-public economic development of the western and eastern regions, we could find out the disparity of various respects of the non-public economy in western ethnic areas such as development level, structure, quality, system, and management. It helps non-public enterprises in western ethnic areas to use the experience of the east for reference, and to remedy their defect in order to strengthen their inside vigor and raise their whole quality and key competitiveness. Third, this dissertation investigates the development of non-public economy in a fresh angle of west modernization. It helps to consider and deal with ownership structural adjustment and non-public economic development problem from a more macroscopic and brand-new angle, promoting the importance of non-public economic problems in western ethnic areas, laying more importance on the development of non- public economy, and implementing the regional strategy of developing non-public economy energetically. Research ApproachesUnder the direction of Marxism and the spirit of the 15th and 16th Representative Conference of the Communist Party of China, this article adopts classics modernization theory and takes advantage of regional economics, national economics and anthropological method of economy. Besides, this dissertation not only investigates the modernization process, the courses of economic development and its external environment condition of western ethnic areas in macro ways but also studies the institutional framework, management mode, asset-liabilities, and profit and lose situation of enterprises with the method of economic analysis and financial analysis in micro ways in order to reveal the concrete management states of non-public enterprises of western ethnic minority areas; And this article studies the ownership structures, system and management of enter...
Keywords/Search Tags:wstern ethnic areas, non-public economy, modernization, disparity of the western and eastern areas, ownership structures, institutional innovation
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