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Study On The Function Of Government In The Regional Technovation System

Posted on:2004-05-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M WenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095955229Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Regional technology innovation system is an organizational and constitutional network that is formed by the relative organization of enterprises, universities and research institution etc. within definite domain, under government intervening and redistributing, by inter-learning and innovation cooperating. Through synthetically applying the academic analysis framework of economics on technology innovation system, exploring transform rules and innovation feat of science of science and management on technology achievements, as well as proceeding interdisciplinary investigation, it is indicated that the enterprises has to become the main body of innovation in order to make regional technology innovation fruitful, at the same time, various innovation organization and sources dispersing in society has to be united in regional innovation system. Furthermore, in order to forming the united strength, the contribution of government function is necessary besides market institution that has a base contribution.By analyzing the network structure, it is demonstrated that the assembling and dispersing innovation sources are produced, thus habitat effect is formed with innovation population of higher feat. All these is based on inter-learning and setting up close relation of technology innovation among the innovation organization of enterprises, universities and researching institutes etc.. Moreover, in order to produce the effect, it is a key that government function endeavors towards standardization and optimization in regional technology innovation system by constructing and cultivating the better institution surrounding and service system.The key of government function is to clarify the ambit and coordinative relation between government and market in innovation action.Not only will the government fully exert the base function of market in source collocation of technology innovation, offset its deficiency and mend its failure, but also will the government prevent its unfitting intervention in avoiding the government failure. That is, the government should adopt corresponding measures and methods to regulate and mend its function model that is not favor of forming the innovation system with higher feat. Only according to this point, the two extremeness can be avoided which the government function model relapse into. One is the government offside form excluding market mechanism; another is the government absent form indulging market. It is included that the government should transform towards suitable intervention and limited and valid function model so that can cooperate various relations and advance the regional technology innovation.The regional technology innovation system acts as an organization and institution network that the local government united. On one hand, the government should perform its function, adopt various measures to support and help the enterprises proceed technology innovation where the enterprises is dominant, advance cooperative innovation of industry-university-institution, bring up social medial organizationiarjd^ exert its attribution in technology innovation. On the other hand, by uniting regional technology innovation and institution, setting up, regulating and completing mechanism and institution, as well as laws and policies, the institution network and social surrounding can be formed which is suitable for the regional technology innovation system so that they ensure to make it efficiently run.
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