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Comparative Study Of Forest Products Impotrs And Exports Policy

Posted on:2004-04-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095955494Subject:Forestry Economics and Management
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The successful entry to WTO has given China enormous influence on rhythm of life, management style, thoughtcast and policies formulating, which also indicates that Chinese undertaking opening to the outside world and the reform of social economy policy system enter a new historical stage. So the imports & exports policy and trade measures of China are in great demand of adjusting and changing. The level of tariff should be reduced further on schedule, while the non-tariff measures should be perfect gradually.Facing the supply and demand pattern in the international import and export trade of forest products, all countries of the world make their concerned policies on the imports and exports of forest products according to different areas and different time zones. China has adjusted some policies, many of which are still so imperfect that they can not meet the demand of the international market of forest products. There is certain research on the imports and exports policy of forest products with periods in different areas, but it is more scattered and monotonous and the comparative study is not deep enough either. The systematic overall research and relative studies are also rare.To compare different country's imports and exports policies of forest products and use their successful experience for reference, it is helpful for the country to adjust and make a reservation for the imports and exports policy of the forest products. Furthermore it can also offer basis on which our policies can be linked up with international commercial treaties and the regulations, as well as the protocol of WTO. It can also offer the theoretical method for the enterprises and companies engaging in foreign trade of forest products to get comparative information on both domestic and international imports and exports policy of forest products. No matter in theory or in practice is it significant for China to succeed in adjusting and making imports and exports policy forest products in accordance with the market economy of China.With scientific policy theory, comparative economics theory, sustainable development theory, international trade theory and game theory for the theoretical foundation, this dissertation has analyzed and compared the development course of the imports and exports policy of forest products in the world. It has expounded the imports and exports current situation of the forest products in China and comparative advantages of products foreign trade of forest. It has pointed out the " pluralistic effect " of tariff through comparative analysis ofthe homoplasy and difference of the tariff policies and measures between some countries and regions. With comparative analysis of non-tariff measures' role played in different countries of the world on the imports and exports policy of forest products, it has exposed the interests principle of unitary that the commodity economy brings to the imports and exports policy of forest products for a long time. According to the particularity of non-tariff policies and measures, the " trade policy greenizing ", must be reflected firstly in the imports and exports policy of forestry products. This will become a" strategic trade policy stylizing " implemented by various countries to make the imports and exports policy of forest products.This dissertation has comparatively studied the imports and exports policy of the forest products in different countries, and has proposed that the imports and exports measures of the non- wooden forest products in China should be "a new force suddenly coming to the force", a rising enterprise, and has orientated as improving the technical standard and hygienic test stone and integrating with the internationalized standard.After comparatively analyzing two trading companies of imports and exports belonging to two national large-scale forestry industrial enterprises of China, the dissertation announces a series of problems, for example, the weaken of macro-management, the unitary of forestry products trade and the lack of informationization...
Keywords/Search Tags:forest products, imports and exports policy, comparative study, strategic countermeasures
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