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Research On Cluster-based Technological Innovation

Posted on:2004-11-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:W SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095957005Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Technological innovation abides the threshold theory. Big enterprise and middle-smaller enterprise have different advantages and disadvantages in technological innovation. No matter how the actual strength of the single enterprise is, it is impossible for it to own the whole innovative resource and it is unnecessary and impossible for any enterprise to bring the whole value-added chain into the interior, only to choose some aspects to make technological innovation and achieve deep specialization innovation.This dissertation makes "cluster-based technological innovation (CBTI)" to be the researched objective, applies the theory of industrial organization and ecology synthetically, researches the quality, character, effect and technological innovation action from the angle of the industrial cluster, reveals the system, environment, dynamic of the CBTI, and analyzes the program and effect factors of the CBTI. Making industrial cluster as orientation, this dissertation puts forward the strategy of the technological innovation.The new ideas of this dissertation are: (1)Applying ecology theory, analyzes the ecology character of industrial cluster, defines the target to reflect the cluster quantity character, and puts forward the method to research the industrial cluster quantitatively. (2)Puts forward and defines the conception of the CBTI definitely, makes up the theoretical basis of CBTI primarily which mainly include the character, system, environment, and dynamic of CBTI, and resolves the contradiction between technological innovation energy and technological innovation scale economy from the theory and expands the research field of the technological innovation. (3)Constructs the model of CBTI, and applying to industrial organization theory, analyses the process of CBTI according to the way of the structure-conduct-performance (SCP).(4) Describes the acknowledge spillover effect quantitatively with the improved model, defines the requirement for the enterprise into the cluster of CBTI, and using factor analyses of poly-statistics, puts forward the method to choose the enterprise into the cluster of CBTI. (5)Defines the effective factory of CBTI at the basic of evidence research, and provides the early preparation for researching the action of CBTI further. (6) On the basis of statistics analyses and combining the dissertation result, puts forward some strategy to develop the equipment manufacturing industry (EMI) of the Heilongjiang province and supplies the new idea for resolving the practical question of the development of EMI.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technological Innovation, Industrial Cluster, Operation Process, Influential Factor
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