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A System Analysis And Assessment Of Mining Areas' Sustainable Development

Posted on:2004-10-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:D M GengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095962129Subject:Mining engineering
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Supported by relative research results and actual settings of our country's coal resource exploitation and mining areas' development, and based on the exactly comprehending of the ideological intension and systematic structure of sustainable development, this paper made a deep and systemic exploring and analyzing for several complex problems of the mining areas' sustainable development adopting an integrating approach from qualitative to quantitative analysis. The subject is also sustained by soft science projects "The Models of Resources Exploitation, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development" from Science and Technology Ministry (No.K2000- 10-02).After inducing the three basic characteristics of a mining area, the paper offers a rounded categorizing for mining areas for the first time and establishes a conceptual model of the mining area's RESE system so as to outline a clear theme frame for the paper's later researching work, thus the effectiveness and exactness of the selected research issues are improved.With successfully applying system science and the self-organization theory in revealing the evolving and developing tracks of a mining area, the dynamic mechanism, evolution characteristics, evolving directions and the regulating and controlling mechanisms of a mining area which underlay the system analysis of a mining area's sustainable development are conceived clearly, then the concept, intension and goals of a mining area's sustainable development are put forward.Based on the template of fractioning recursion of mining areas' development, an indicator system for compounded measuring mining areas' sustainable development is established. And based on the fuzzy optimizing selection theory of multi-objectives system, a multi-levels multi-objectives fuzzy integrative measurement model together supported by entropy weighting and expert weighting is established. Then based on the main component analysis and the theory of econometrics, a continuance - harmony measurement model of mining areas' RESE system is established. All these models provide necessary quantifying tools for dynamic, vertical and horizontal assessment of mining areas' sustainable development.The established theory and methods of mining areas' sustainable development are applied in Yanzhou mining areas. The assessment theory and methods are applicably tested after dynamic analyzing the developing processes of the empirical case.According to the goal demand of a mining area's sustainable development and based on the conditions status quo of our country's coal mining areas, selected modes and realization paths of the strategy for a mining area's sustainable development are discussed deeply and systematically, then the corresponding enforcing countermeasures and policies are put forward.Some important and core results of the study have been published publicly.
Keywords/Search Tags:mining area, RESE system, sustainable development, assessment model, strategic mode, countermeasures and policies
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