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Analysis And Assessment Of The Sustainable Development Of The Social Security System In China

Posted on:2005-12-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Sustainable development thought first comes from Walthus'《Demography Principles》published in 1789, and has been extensively used in the field of resources, population, economy and complex equilibrium system of economic and social development. With the aim of people modernization and sustainable development, it has become the leading core of national economy growth and macro-control. At the working conference in 2004, China government advances it is important to firmly establish and seriously practice an overall, harmonizing, and sustainable development thought, which is a significant thought to be insisted in economic work in a long run, as well as a basic principle to be followed for problem solution in current economic society development. Since social security has become an indispensable component of methods to regulate contradictions in the development of economic society, the thought of sustainable development shall be adopted in the social security system research. For this purpose, this article explores how to make social security system developing sustainable, which shall be in discussion by theorists. Confined by the size of the article and my knowledge level, this article doesn't make a deep and systematic research in the sustainable development of a subproject of the social security system in China, but focuses on the status quo analysis and assessment methods of the system sustainable development. For some complicated questions, this article only provides superficial analysis. In this article, much more attention is paid to the concept of social security sustainable development, viewpoint about value and the research of humanities nature, trying to set up a comparatively systematic analysis frame. The article is divided into eight chapters, and the outline of each chapter is as follows:Chapter I Rational choice: The exposition on basic thought of sustainable development of social security The history of sustainable development thought is more than 200 years. It connects closely the population, resources, environment and development of economic society together. Social security system is an integrated system that incorporates the elements of population, economy and society. This article discusses the inner connection between sustainable development theory and sustainable development of social security, and proposes the thought of sustainable development of social security. The sustainable development of social security should be on the basis of the long-term effective supply of social security resource, the social fairness, and the active participation of people. The key elements include sustainable policy, system design, government support and economic growth. The criterion of sustainable development of social security is institutional innovation. In the face of economic globalization, the strategic principles of sustainable development of social security and motivation choice are made in reason. It shall attach more attention to the research of process, achievement and effect, create the sustainable development index system of social security, and adopt scientific assessment methods to constitute the basic connotation of sustainable development of social security.Chapter II Face up to the reality: difficult problems and system obstacles in sustainable development of social security Sustainable development of social security needs optimization of external environment and coordination of internal mechanism. This article believes that China's sustainable development of social security is still limited by such factors as unemployment expansion; economic duality, population aging, and margin extend of the rich and the poor. Other problems like macro-target deviation, multi-choice, benefits driving, system rub, and structure imbalance, exist in the practice of social security. Government leads the sustainable development of social security, however, the fundamental problems of social security including old age, medical care, unemployment, etc. puzzle the government and various aspect of the society, and imply public finance crisis of social security. The key point is to optimize the resource distribution and adjust the structure of sustainable development of social security, improve the external condition and internal mechanism of sustainable development of social security, and establish the foundation of it.Chapter III Exert oneself to make the country prosperous: Sustainable development of social security and over-all construction of well-off society Sustainable development focuses on the people potential and people modernization. In all ages, social security thought is related with well-off society in its history. The over-all construction of well-off society as well as improvement of social security system have been put on the top of the agenda of new leader group, both of which, from this perspective, can't be realized without the guide of sustainable development thought that is the common basis of social security and over-all construction of well-off society. In this chapter, further analysis is made on the connection between the sustainable development of social security and over-all construction of well-off society, and new annotation of social security is put forward in terms of satisfying people modernization and over-all development of people. In addition, it researches the key elements of above two things-- significance and measures of elimination of poverty, and enlargement of middle class.Chapter IV: Radically reform: Policy security system of sustainable development of social security the development of social security concerns the whole situation of social economic growth, rather than an isolated behavior. Therefore, in order to set up the policy matrix of sustainable development of social security, it shall analyze the support and influence on social security given by the various policies such as fiscal policy, monetary policy, investment policy, consumption policy, labor policy, enterprise allotment policy, welfare policy, agricultural policy, employment policy, population policy, etc.. From the angle of policies, the"policy matrix"in this chapter is a systematic concept which requires an integrated and organic system. Based on the combined effort and multi-promotion, the social security will develop sustainably into the situation with secured funds, practical organization, reasonable management measures, and benefit of people.Chapter V Simulative inference: Index system of sustainable development of social security How to evaluate the sustainable development of social security and what index system to be established? From the angle of statistics, this chapter classifies the sustainable development of social security, describes various complicated phenomenon occurred in the sustainable developing process of social security, which plays an important role in learning the connotation of the sustainable development of social security. In this chapter, the index system of sustainable development of social security is characterized as descriptive and in time, focusing on the three elements of process, achievement and effect. Making reference to grading system of institutional design in western countries, following three models are adopted to make a simulative assessment on the index system of sustainable development of social security: analytic hierarchy process, principle component analysis and public opinion poll. These assessment models are confined to different evaluation thoughts, different expert's competence, different value standard, and different needs of character, thus the results based on them are possibly not in agreement. However, it's an effective experiment, which has valuable reference to perfect the sustainable development theory of social security.Chapter VI Multi-pillar framework: Sustainable development of old-age insurance system The old-age insurance system is in most urgent need of sustainable development, which involves the problem of inter-generation resource distribution, mainly aiming at eliminating old-age poverty. This chapter tries to create an institutional framework of sustainable development of old-age insurance through establishing a multi-pillar old-age insurance system. With regard to basic old-age insurance, it's vital to choose proper pension collection model to ensure the sustainable development of the insurance system. This chapter indicates the significance of partial foundation accumulation model in old-age insurance system, and proposes the measures to accelerate the process of solid personal account. Enterprise annuity system is recently another ascendant cause in the old-age insurance reform, more and more obviously regarded as supplement of basic old-age insurance. This chapter compares and indicates the orientation of enterprise annuity system from different perspectives. An indispensable means to improve old-age life quality is personal saving insurance, which shall take capital market as the vehicle for its development with more personal saving assortment, and in combination with commercial insurance. It is an important part of old-age insurance reform. The family old-age insurance falls into the category of traditional moral and is an indispensable pillar of social old-age insurance. The core of the sustainable development of old-age is sustainable financial support. In other words, it needs in-time financial support and strong foundation accumulation and increment mechanism. In view of the important status of old-age insurance system in the sustainable development process of social security, the chapter specially provides the index system and assessment methods of sustainable development of old-age insurance system.Chapter VII Multi-direction promotion: Sustainable development of medical insurance system Along with the shift of economic society systems, simple and basic medical insurance system can't develop in a sustainable way, because it also requires a multi-pillar medical insurance system. Medical insurance system is the most difficult social insurance system in operating. Concerning the complex medical insurance reform, this chapter emphasizes three institutional reforms and the importance of collective purchase of medicine. In the meanwhile, this chapter proposes the policy security mechanism of medical insurance sustainable development, which is the key to successful medical insurance reform. Medical expense increasing unusually is most difficult to regulate and control for each country. A proposal is therefore put forward in the chapter to regulate and control the unusual increase of medical expense based on analysis and comparison. From the angle of sustainable development of medical insurance, it shall keep the balance of revenue and expenditure of medical insurance funds, prevent policy deficiency, and adopt active and passive regulation measures in turn. In view of the influence of population aging, like old-age insurance, medical insurance accumulation model shall be in ready for the influence. Urgent public medical system is a new topic in recent years, which shall also be included in sustainable development policy of medical insurance as it influences the resource allotment and regulation of medical insurance.Chapter VIII Trans-combination System: Unemployment insurance system of sustainable development and employment mechanism analysis So as to fulfill the most employment is the important term that makes social security sustainable development. And it is important to guarantee to the economy society resources, promote the economy increases with consume. Analyzing three reformations for guaranteeing line translating two lines and its value and influence are the important contents in this chapter, along with the reform of unemployment insurance system, employment environment, employment mechanism and employment physiology analysis, emphasizing the government function at increasing employment and making policies. So it is important functions of government to make proper unemployment insurance system design and it can promote both sustainable development of social-economic and social securityChapterⅨMulti-efforts: Lower the operation and management cost of sustainable development of social security There are many complicated factors affecting the sustainable development of social security. Considering the economic goal, there are some important measures to ensure the sustainable development of social security, including full-employment that naturally can relieve the burden of social sustainable development, fiscal and tax system reform, production elements distribution reform, social security distribution system reform, and transfer payment policy that may lower the margin between the rich and the poor. As to the internal function of people who join insurance, idea innovation, value orientation and life concept will affect the sustainable development of social security. This chapter proposes to establish a social security orientation mechanism based on fairness for the purpose of efficiency, in order to make full use of the social security resource. Rational design of social security system also can bring institutional benefit, and the benefit itself is a sort of resource support to the sustainable development, in accord with the thought principles of sustainable development.
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