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Organization Innovations And Institution Innovations In Forestry In Po-yang Lake Region

Posted on:2004-08-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122460621Subject:Forestry Economics and Management
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Forestry in Po Yang Lake region is an unnoticed part in the leader's mind, whether it is compared with that of other regions or with other industries in this region. Scholars are also unwilling to spend their energy studying it for fear that people concerned pay no attention to it. The unusual flood in 1998 changed people's point of view, so "ecological forestry of Po Yang Lake system" was formally put forward, but as Po Yang Lake region accounts for over 90 percent of the area of the whole province and the prefect is difficult to carryout, it didn't become a new issue in Jiangxi's forestry. Motivated by a desire to shrink the region, stress the essentials and seek close at hand for far and wide, I chose this topic for study to expect that leaders in charge of forestry and the local government of this region could pay a little attention to the forestry of this region in their leisure time after leaders in charge of forestry try their best to stress the essential forestry and the local government go all out to take charge of development of regional economy, especially the industrialization of the region, thus pouring hope into the forestry and ecological safety of this region.Recalling the general study situation of Po Yang Lake region and the new developments in national and international study on lakes, defining the study range of this topic and exploring the general situation of natural resources and the social and economic situation in this region, the first importance of the thesis is to analyze the ecological degeneration and ecological safety in this region, to reveal the present state of its ecological degeneration in many ways on the basis of analyzing whether it is an ecologically fragile region. Its ecological degeneration threatens its ecological safety. Theway to improve its ecological safety is to restore its ecological environment and the effective way of ecological restoration is to construct ecological forestry. Next, the thesis analyzes the forestry situation, the relation between forest and flood and strategic significance of the forestry in this region, expounds the contradiction of the supply and demand in the organization and system of its present forestry and states that the organization resources were not inspired, aroused and organized effectively and its forestry institution didn't have special arrangement.Ecology and economy are a contradictory unity like people's palms and backs of hand. Men are not so ignorant. The ecological problem is not due to people's ignorance, but due to the economic development. Poverty is the origin of the ecological problem in this region, so its ecological environment construction can not leave its economic development. People in Po Yang Lake region are also to construct well-off society, so its ecological problem needs economic development to solve. It is proved, by tracing back to various theories about regional economic development and exposing thoroughly the relation among the population resources, environment and economic and social development, especially the population's influences on environment, that Po Yang Lake region can be in good harmony with its people and can have sustainable development only after we find the best combination between economy and ecology and fulfill the coordination of ecological economy. There are abundant ecological ethics and ecological wisdom in Chinese civilization. Only if we expand them, we can structure the profound ecology in a philosophical sense which scholars are longing for. This is the second importance of the thesis.After summarizing comprehensively the theories of innovation, organization and institution, the thesis focuses on the organization innovations and institution innovations in forestry of this region. The connotation of the organization innovation in this thesis doesn't refer to the development and the reform of the present organization in a general sense, but the new organization form constructed and derived from nothing, so in the thesis the study doesn't follow the pattern of organizat...
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