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Research On Extended Enterprise Resource Planning And Its Some Key Technologies

Posted on:2005-02-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z W LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122475557Subject:Aviation Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering
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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is already the backbone of background transaction in manufacturing. It units diversified functional divisions into a single system to facilitate the business processes and automates the transactions. With the advancement of the ideas of enterprise management and information technology, traditional ERP is confronted with new challenges. Considering the new environment that ERP is facing and the existing problems, the requirements of ERP of the next generation is presented in this thesis.Driven by the requirements for analyses and with the cutting edge in the communities of software engineering and information systems, the author proposes the essence of ERP of the next generation, deepens the concept, sums up it as EERP (Extended Enterprise Resource Planning), and integrates some key technologies involved. Then, the architecture of EERP, which is a hierarchical structure and is oriented to web service, is provided and the primary characteristics are explored.As to the workflow design of EERP, this thesis presents the model for the workflow executive system of EERP firstly, and then discusses the design of workflow process definition and that of workflow engine thoroughly. The design theory of the system and its realization are introduced also. Its application in purchase business process, which is a typical workflow in discrete manufacturing enterprise, exhibits how workflow technology is applied to EERP system. It is a simple and effective method to control the business activities using status tag. At the same time, the combination of technologies of workflow and web service allows business processes to span different applications, and expand conveniently and agilely.As to the production planning and control of EERP, the traditional production planning and control method is explored and limitations are pointed out. The three layers production planning control model of EERP is presented in. this thesis and its advantages are discussed also. Aiming at the model mentioned above, this thesis explored the mathematical models and examples of the supply chain planning between the enterprises and the production planning within the core enterprise. The results show its effectiveness and validity. It provides a new method for traditional production planning and control method to get out of dilemma.As to the value chain analysis of EERP, the traditional value chain management is explored and its limitations are pointed out. The collaborative value chain management of EERP is presented in this thesis. Under the supervision of collaboration value chain management, this thesis introduces ABC (Activity-based Costing) technique and presents the goal cost control process of EERP based on ABC, and discusses its control procedure. The order-based EERP cost accounting method and its implementation technology are elaborated afterwards. The cost management method based on value chain analysisprovided a relatively better thought compared with the traditional cost management method.In the end, a typical prototype for integrated application between enterprises is examined and with the implementation in ERP system of QJEM-MIE, the implementation strategies of EERP are also discussed. All of these lay the foundation for the future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:extended enterprise resource planning, workflow technology, web service, supply chain planning, limited resources, collaborative value chain management
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