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Analysis On The CSF Of IDD Group ERP System In Planning, Implementing And Controlling

Posted on:2005-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125464226Subject:Business Administration
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Since the beginning of the 21st Century, as the strategy—"adopt informatization to drive the progress of industrialization" is raised by the Central Government, the step of informatization and industrialization for Chinese enterprises is improved obviously. Especially the preceding of "Informatization Engineering of Manufacturing Industry" raised by National Science and Technology Ministry, and "Informatization of Enterprise" raised by National Economic & Trade Committee, drives and starts a peak for Chinese enterprises to put the ERP system into use. Since the past 2 years, many Chinese enterprises have being executed ERP system actively and the ERP system has been adopted by thousands Chinese enterprises. The great upsurge in adopting and executing ERP system is being spread all over the country, and playing the important pole to drive the progress for the informatization of manufacturing industry. ERP is a kind of Management concept and model, which adopts modern information technology to establish information network system and integrates inside and outside resources of enterprise fully. ERP could enhance the management efficiency and capability of enterprise and improve economic benefit and competitive ability of enterprise. ERP is concerned by the production enterprises increasingly. As the pop word during the execution of informatization of Chinese Enterprises, ERP has become the pronoun of informatization of enterprise. But many inconsistent voices are often heard during the actual execution of ERP, such as "It is to wait for dying if ERP is not adopted; It will die early if ERP is adopted". However, many failure cases make people think about it again. People is asking as following: Why the ERP system, which is publicized greatly, often fails during the practices? What's the reason which makes this system failure? All these questions linger in the people's minds all the time, who is responsible for the informatization and administration of enterprise. Now we still want to ask: Have all the issues been solved?The thesis gives an example and describes the practice and experience in detail for the implement of the ERP in IDD group, including proposal of ERP system, system style selection, making the management strategy and plan, clarifying the detail process and procedures. It is tried to explore a way for Chinese manufacturing industry to carry out BPI and adopt ERP system to make enterprise's informatization come true quickly. Meanwhile, causal diagram is adopted to analyze the key factors systematically for carrying out the ERP in manufacturing industry, and to explore the way of actualization and management in Chinese enterprise ERP project.
Keywords/Search Tags:ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), BPI (Business Process Improvement), SCM(Supply Chain Management)
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