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A Study Of Commercial Bank Efficiency

Posted on:2004-12-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The efficiency of resources allocation varies under different institutions. Creative ideas and management methods emerge with the establishment of the organization. As far as the commercial bank is concerned, management efficiency becomes a predominant factor influencing the achi evement and development of banking industry, which will, in turn, affect the national macro-economy. At present, owing to the lack of systematic theories in management efficiency, it is hard to make legitimate explanation on the newly emerging problems and the future trend. This dissertation focuses on the management efficiency of commercial bank and attempts to give reasonable explanations to the efficiency of bank from the perspectives of theoretical studies and practices. Namely, the dissertation gives theoretical explanations on practical phenomena so as to find theoretical bases for practical operation and meanwhile testify the theoretical findings. In so doing, it is hoped to explore how to maximize the operational efficiency of resources allocation with consideration of the effects of social development on commercial bank. Thus, practical operations of the commercial bank and economic reform must be taken into account, along with logic analysis and inference of issues such as system, management, administration, risk precaution and structural readjustment during the course of economic reform facing China's commercial banks.From the angle of practical application, the institution of commercial bank resembles a social chess game. Formal and informal rules make up the institutions of commercial bank organization and they define the management activities of commercial bank. These institutions ensure the management and efficiency of commercial bank and they restrict the scope if its business. Different commercial bank institutions embody different commercial bank efficiency. The connection between commercial bank's institution role and efficiency is embodied in its regulation of commercial bank's system and mechanism, including the form of property ownership, exchange right, and distribution patterns which affect the mechanism of commercial bank. The system and mechanism of commercial bank is defined by the fundamental system of the state, under the supervision of which, commercial bank chooses a proper system suitable to its own development and efficiency in the operation. The institutions regulate the activities of commercial bank and improper activities must be modified. Legitimate and effective institutions ensure the optimized allocation of innerresources. In China, the change of finance system began with the establishment and extension of state-owned financial property, which intended to satisfy the demands of state-owned enterprise financing. When the market is not available, it is effective for the state-owned bank with foreign investment to allocate financial resources and this proves effective for the state-owned debit side to collect funds and to reduce problems arising from entrusted agency services. That claims to be a reasonable alternative for the underdeveloped financial market of China and an optimized reaction to the market softness. The original motivation of institutional changes lies in the conflicts and competition among different interest groups and different forms of property, in which government administering and rectification, together with countermeasures of other property forms, drive the changes in China's financial system. Share bank system has brought about multileveled and popularized financial institutions of China, which helps enhance the appeal of the financial institutional assets to the public. Owing to the factors of system and institution, share commercial bank excels state-owned commercial bank in management efficiency. The evolution of commercial bank is a process in which institution innovation, institution change and interest distribution enjoys a new balance after breaking down the old balance. This process greatly improves the management of bank.Bank is the institutional arrangem...
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