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Studies On Enterprise Organizational Change

Posted on:2003-07-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H QiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122975429Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Today's business organizations are staying in a fiercely environment and the only thing that does not change is change itself. After China's WTO entry, how can Chinese state-owned enterprises survive the various kinds of challenges and develop themselves?This thesis regards the organization as the basis of management, and the life of organization comes from change. Change results in operation stability, which leads to the prosperity of the enterprise. The organizations that refuse to change themselves will have no choice but to extinct. On the other hand, if an enterprise that wants to change itself does not grasp the knowledge and skill on how to change, it also will go to bankruptcy. Therefore, how to overcome the dilemmas of change is one of the most challenging problems facing today's enterprises.In modern management and economics change has more than one meanings, contents and approaches. It includes product change, technology change, market change, management and organization change. Among them management and organization change plays a key role on account of the fundamental support it gives to enterprises, and it is the basic stone of the competitive advantage of enterprises. Chinese enterprises are instinctively familiar with the skills of creating wealth, but they lack the enthusiasm for the operation of organization. Only when Chinese enterprises pay enough attention to organization change, which is the "soft rib" of enterprises, and develop and improve their internal strength can they achieve competitive edge.Compared with western enterprises, Chinese enterprises have both different internal and external business operation environments, and this is the very context in which this research has been done. The state-owned enterprises' reorganizing themselves will absolutely bring about the essential change of organization forms, and consequently the relationship between employees and enterprise will change, under these circumstances how should managers deal with the influences given to employees' psychology and behavior by these changes? How to craft the new strategic goal, organization structure and organization culture so that the enterprises can smoothly adapt to their environments, forge their strength and win competitive advantages? These are the main topics of this thesis, more specifically they form the following three questions: l.How to understand organization change? 2.Why does organization change happen? 3.How to carry out organization change?The first question is related to the research perspective of organization change, in other words, from what theoretical perspective the research work on organization change to be done? The second question is about the dynamics and the needed incentive system of organization change; The third question focuses on the practical operating process of organization change. Through the discussions on these issues, this thesis has two goals:One, this thesis has discussed how to improve enterprises' flexibility and agility throughorganization change so that their ability to adapt to and to deal with the complicated environment can be increased.Two, this thesis has studied how to realize the compatibility between the organization's operating mechanism and the employees' psychology and behavior so that the organization can be more dynamic and the intelligence advantage and the organization efficiency can be improved.On the basis of the regulations of organization of other country' firms and the practice of organization change in China, the models of organization change has been put forward in this thesis. Further more, combined with case studies of the organization change in China, this thesis has discussed the promoting force and the blocking force of organization change, the models of organization change, the internal logical process and evolution process of organization change, and the adaptability between method to analyze the interaction mechanism among strategic organization change, organization structure change and organization culture c...
Keywords/Search Tags:Organization Change, Organization Strategy, Organization Culture, Complexity, Intelligence Advantage
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