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Research On The Construction Of Organization Culture Of Fengxian County,Jiangsu Province

Posted on:2021-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330626458465Subject:Public Administration
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In the new era,all public departments should improve the efficiency of public management,strengthen internal management,both pay attention to the construction of organizational culture within the public sector,scientific management and modern management are being paid attention to by more departments.Different from the organizational culture construction of social enterprises,the organizational culture construction of the public sector should not only reflect the efficiency of management,but also pay attention to the political attribute,disciplinary attribute and humanistic attribute of management.The organizational department in the public sector is an important department of the party committee,which is an important functional department for the party committee to consolidate the foundation of party building,manage cadres at all levels and gather excellent talents.Due to the particularity of the work content of the organizational department,the organizational department has formed a different working atmosphere compared with other public departments,thus forming a different cultural management mode,that is,the organizational department's work culture.In this paper,through literature research,questionnaire survey and field interviews in the form of the cultural construction of the realization are studied,selected the venture the county party committee organization department as the research subject,the realization of the venture organization system culture construction carried on the thorough analysis and research,make full use of public management,organizational behavior and human resource management and related theory,listed the construction status,insufficient construction,analyzes the experiences of advanced area for practice,put forward the targeted countermeasures to perfect set of cultural construction.This study not only provides specific guidance for other public departments to carry out organizational culture construction and strengthen public sector management in fengxian county,but also provides practical reference for other organizations to carry out organizational culture construction in other organizations and systems,and drives other public departments to consciously strengthen their own construction,so as to promote the public sector to provide administrative efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public sector, Organization department, Organization culture, Construction of organizational culture
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