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Research On The Run Of Community Positive Muster

Posted on:2004-02-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:A P ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122982167Subject:Management decision-making and logistics technology
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In usual social economy practice, people will usually meet the assorted hard nut to crack. These problems brought the inconvenience at the activity top decision for people on the one side, on the other hand make the social economic phenomenon in right comprehension in people some perplexity again and theoretically.People are in the aspects of theories the important reason that creation perplexity can return knot as roughly then as follows what time:1.The extreme complexity of the social economic activities.2.The saved economy, social theoretical are not perfect.3.Put forward the fit social economic theoretical are difficult.Though we understood the above circumstance, we still want to do the some work, try to look for a certain matching sayings , in order to let people to find the foundation in this type of concept ascends to put forward and can compare to describe the theories of cowgirl that social economy practice easily, and try hard for on the certain degree, use its guide people social economic activities in a specific way.Concept that we find out, is a so-called society that this thesis put forward to have the run of community positive muster.Should the run of community positive muster contain concept still gather very few, can't still be called it as the theories. But make use of this to read aloud all, people get away from easily the social economic theoretical tie originally possessed, put forward the every variety that match social economy's fulfillment better the new society circulate the theories.This thesis puts forward, to develop adequately the run of community positive muster and the related concept the easy proceeding the very clear and investigative characteristics to social economic action, should to have to the society first the source gather oneself the proceeding effectively of research.The community positive muster can also call it as society contain source gather. Proceed to describe in brief, have it is active that positive muster but the animate society gathers or gathers cluster. This society gathers a flock of since revolves automatically to puts again into practice active adjustment. In the realistic life, the community positive muster that is we live a society for of complicacy much changing, that social economic system gross is evolving forward without intermission, progress.Study community positive muster most effectively the method is a recent complexity in domestic and international rise theories. According to the complexity theoretical and hermeneutic, the agent model can depict best the run of community positive muster , top of research method because what it make use of is from bottom. Conduct and actions society contain source gather to study the example, this thesis puts forward the model of SWARM respectively with the model of ASPEN. These two kinds of demonstrations model can compare goodly conduct and actions society contain source gather the investigative and valid tool in movement.The business enterprise studies with the social economic movement is the run of community positive muster the investigative and important realm. Exploitation society contain source gather the theories to circulate with society economy to the business enterprise the research can get an a series of research conclusion, these conclusions to guide the actual business enterprise operate with social economic the development has the important leading function.
Keywords/Search Tags:community positive muster, the independence movement to regulate, to move automatically agent, the enterprise and the society circulates
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