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Study On Constructing And Evaluating Of Scientific And Technological Innovation Ability In Lianyungang

Posted on:2005-01-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Nowadays, the trend of economic development is that the development of science and technology changes with each passing day and makes great contribution to economy increase. The competition of the national power between countries is focusing on the scientific and technological innovation and it has been a common viewpoint in the world. As a result, to enhance the innovation ability of science and technology in lianyungang has already become the task of top priority.This paper firstly summarized the domestic and overseas research status quo of scientific and technological innovation. On the base of former research achievement, the paper modified the definition of regional innovation of science and technology and constructed three-dimensional structure of scientific and technological innovation system. In succession, based on the discussing of the immanent mechanism between scientific and technological innovation and industrial structure evolvement, the paper thoroughly analyzed the present situation of scientific and technological innovation ability in Lianyungang. As a littoral open city, lianyungang's economic development has relative advantage. What's more, with the construction of technology-oriented prop industry in the Jiangsu North Spark Technology Zone(JNSTZ), lianyungang city has been upgrading it's industry level and technological innovation ability.The paper established an indicator system of evaluating the regional innovation ability of science and technology and made a comprehensive evaluation of the state of innovation ability of science and technology in lianyungang. According to the evaluating result, the paper systematically discussed the main problems and obstructive factors in the process of innovating in science and technology, such as unfavorable relations between economic development and technological innovation, faulty outside environment, lagging thinking manner, incomplete function of innovation system and so on.At last, the paper proposed the countermeasures for lianyungang city to expedite the construction of scientific and technological innovation ability. Just as the author said, choosing an appropriate innovation mode, establishing an excellent innovation environment, perfecting innovation system which included human resources, investment, education and culture were the realistic approach to improving the technological innovation and economic development level. The detailed measures were probed in the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Scientific and technological Innovation, Indicator system, Comprehensive evaluating, Regional economy, Countermeasures
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