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A Research On Geo-economic Cooperation In Northeast Asia

Posted on:2005-10-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125450953Subject:World economy
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The existence of distinct otherness of natural conditions, political and economic systems, and geo-culture among geo-economic bodies in Northeast Asia, and imbalance and complementarity in their economic development will definitely push forward the establishment of close geo-economic relations and realize the amalgamation among geo-politics, geo-economy and geo-culture and will further enhance the geo-economic cooperation on various aspects such as the enlargement of investment and trade.Using the knowledge on regional economics, geo-economics, international economics and regional economic geography for reference, basing on the existing research results, applying the regional economic theory, geo-economic theory, international trade theory, world economic theory, national security thought and sustainable development theory, etc., with the unique geographical background in Northeast Asia, gives prominence to China's participation in Northeast Asia geo-economic cooperation, putting forward the general framework and countermeasures, and making suggestions that are strategic and perspective and maneuverable to the location conditions, present cooperative situation, key fields, development mode, development goals and coordination mechanism of China's participation in Northeast Asia geo-economic cooperation, and related Tumen River Development Project and establishment of Northeast Asia Tumen River Free-trade Zone, the author puts emphasis on and makes a research on theory and demonstration aspects for the geo-economic cooperation among the 6 economic bodies in Northeast Asia. The framework of the thesis is as follows:Besides the foreword and conclusion, the dissertation is written in seven sections.The first section is about the discussion and analysis on the geo-economic theory and practice. Firstly, the dissertation discusses the basic theoretical issues on geo-economics such as geo-economics, geo-economic body and geo-economic integration, etc. Secondly, the current dissertation discusses the issues on regional economic theory and international economic theory, which are closely related to geo-economics such as grads theory, growth pole theory, point-axes development theory, etc. Basing on the theoretical discussion, the dissertation makes comments on the geo-economic cooperation practice of European Union, North America Free Trade Zone, Asia-Pacific and East Asia geo-economic bodies.The second section is about the location analysis of geo-economic cooperation in Northeast Asia. The dissertation makes research on the location concept and the patterns that have effect to the location, especially the geopolitical situation, geo-economic situation, geo-cultural situation and the structure of membership in Northeast Asia; and discusses the related regional policy system.The third section is about the discussion and analysis on present situation of geo-economic cooperation in Northeast Asia. First of all, the dissertation makes comments and analysis on the strategic status and realistic characteristics of geo-economic cooperation in Northeast Asia. Secondly, it makes synthetic comments on the present economic development situation of the 6 economic bodies in Northeast Asia. Finally, it makes elaborate comments on the bilateral economic relations among economic bodies in Northeast Asia through qualitative and quantitative means.The fourth section is about the key field of geo-economic cooperation in Northeast Asia. The dissertation mainly talks about the issues on resources development cooperation, infrastructure construction cooperation, science and technology cooperation, human resources cooperation and ecological environment construction cooperation, etc.The fifth section is about the core of geo-economic cooperation in Northeast Asia-international development cooperation in Tumen River area. The dissertation makes research on the new progress, development mechanism, general train of thought and task of Tumen River Area Development Project. And the thesis attaches great im...
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