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Supply And Demand Of Human Resource In Commercial Banks And Its Equilibrium Research

Posted on:2005-01-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Z LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125459561Subject:Industrial Economics
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Based on questionnaires and material gained through interviews with banking staff in commercial banks, this thesis, from an economic point of view, makes an analysis of economic and non-economic factors that influence the supply and demand of human resource in commercial banks. The thesis mainly analyzes via comparing relative cost and profit of the new-institutional economics, with the complementation of chief element and equilibrium analytical method.As for the supply of human resource, economic factors are primary factors that influence supply of human resource in commercial banks, while non-economic factors vary from person to person, and from place to place. Viewing from inner income distribution, the author proposes the improvement on distribution of rank salary system under asymmetric information, because it reveals such problems as limited incentive effect, absence of incentive targets, distortion of incentive aim, etc. There is much room for such improvement.As to the demand of human resource, the deciding factor, among other general features, is the comparison of economic cost and profit. For example, reservation of talents has come to the agenda, obligation of increasing employment rate is declining and volition of leaders still works. Viewing from the influence of microcosmic decision on choice of human resource, the author concludes that the superficial and external factor is the strong restriction condition of demand of human in commercial banks. Human relationship and place superiority also play an important role. Commercial banks have special requirement for employee's character and quality.By means of analyzing game equilibrium, dynamic equilibrium, structural equilibrium and institutional equilibrium of supply and demand of human resource in commercial banks, the author summarizes that commercial banks of China should make ample preparations in the face of disequilibrium caused by inadequate supply of high-quality talents. What's more, equilibrium is relative and instable whiledisequilibrium absolute and frequent. In view of equilibrium requirement and the characteristics of commercial banks as well as special requirement of human resource management, a 6-P pattern is designed for human resource management of commercial banks.It's definitely necessary for us to learn from experience of foreign banks when reconstructing and optimizing human resource management of Chinese commercial banks. The key lies in following the essence of the guiding ideology, that is, the improvement of humanitarianism concern for human resource management. Meanwhile, with their different properties, commercial banks should find correct focus and proper means respectively. State-owned commercial banks should emphasize further reform according to the demand of market. City commercial banks should lay emphasis upon strengthening incentive system and upgrading quality, while joint-stock commercial banks should proceed with the normalization of company.
Keywords/Search Tags:commercial banks, human resource, relative comparison of cost and profit, equilibrium analysis, economic factor, non-economic factor, distribution system of inner income
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