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Study On The Development Of Green Food Economy In China

Posted on:2005-02-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125469077Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The questions of environment pollution and food safety have aroused wide attention of the countries all over the world. Thus the competition about the quality of agricultural products will necessarily be the focus in the international trade of agricultural product. After acceding to WTO, only if China quicken the development of green food which according with China's situation and up to international criterion, can our country break through Green Trade Barrier and heighten international competitive power of the agriculture. And the development of green food in our country is not isolated or simple. On the contrary, it is a complicated systems engineering beyond departments and subjects, containing many fields such as producing, circulating, consuming and supervising. So only if main issues that hinder the development of green food are searched based on green food economy, can its essence mechanism be revealed, can possible path be probed into, can perfect supporting system be built and can countermeasures with more operational and more instructional value be provided. Therefore, it is a new subject during the course of the development of agriculture that strengthening the study of green food economy.This dissertation examined the paths and countermeasures to further develop green food economy on the basis of analyzing the present condition and main issues. The thread of the dissertation is how to accelerate the development of green food economy in the course of market-convertion and internationalization by use of the theories .of agronomics, develop economics, system economics, industry economics and so on.This dissertation is divided into three parts and eight chapters. The first part is a preface, which briefly introduces objectives, trends, structure, methods and innovations of the dissertation. The second part including Chapter 1, 2 and 3, summarizes theoretical base and overseas development experiences, analyzes the evolvement track, contribution, and main issues in the development of green food economy and tries to find main limiting factors. The third part is the countermeasure study which constitutes the core of this dissertation. In this part, target system, operating mechanisms, patterns, market behavior and supporting system are systematically studied according to the consecution of from theory, practice to theory and policy -oriented & countermeasures to quicken the development of green food economy which are systematic and aimed at are put forward.The following are main innovations of this dissertation:l.The concept of green food economy has been put forward. This may lay a foundation for the theory study about green food afterward.2.The developing mechanism of green food economy has been discussed and theessence mechanism and operating laws have been revealed.3.The developing patterns of green food economy have been systematically summarized abstracted and the kernel of it has also been analyzed which has the function of path oriented for the development of green food economy in our country.4.The supporting system has been firstly made a systematical study of and the system frame and main contents have been built.5.The game theory method has been introduced into the analyzing of market behavior of green food economy as a try and the games analyzing models of supply market & demand market have been built separately.
Keywords/Search Tags:Green food economy, Developing mechanism, Developing pattern, Supporting system, Countermeasures
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