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Research On Hi-tech Industry Evaluation And Development--Relating Research On Hi-tech Industry Development Of Hunan Province

Posted on:2005-06-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:D X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125958115Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Quantitative evaluation on Hi-Tech enterprise, its products and the industry itself plays an important role in developing Hi-tech industry. The purpose of this study, therefore, is to build up a comprehensive evaluation system on Hi-Tech industry which includes Hi-Tech products, enterprises, industry, industry developing capability and leading industry. Based on the evaluation of Hi-Tech industry, the paper makes a further research on the evaluation of High-Tech products, enterprise and the industry itself; on the evaluation of Hi-Tech industry developing capability; on the evaluation of Hi-Tech leading industry; and the relationship between Hi-Tech industry and technology renovation; enterprise and industry grouping renovation. The study, which is conducted among Hunan Hi-Tech industries, in turn provides theoretical basis and measures for them.The paper analyzes the background of the development of Hi-Tech industry, and then states the main problems existing: the incomplete evaluation system on Hi-Tech product, enterprise and the industry itself; the strong manufacturing capability and relatively low development level of Hi-Tech industry; the lack of attention paid to Hi-Tech renovation. The paper reviews related theories at home and abroad about the Hi-Tech definition, Hi-Tech product definition, the division method of Hi-tech and its product, Hi-tech industry definition, High-tech leading industry, Hi-tech industry competing capabilities and industry renovation.The study also provides to Hi-Tech enterprises, products and theindustry a quantitative evaluation method. Firstly it builds up the Hi-tech products evaluation index system and fixes the proportion of the index, and then, with the property comprehensive evaluation system, an example evaluation is done on some Chinese Hi-tech products, especially those from Hunan province; Secondly, it states the characteristics of Hi-tech enterprises, and does an example analysis on the evaluation and recognition of Hunan Hi-tech enterprises; Thirdly, it states the significance of categorization of Hi-tech industry, establishes the research method and technical concept of the categorization of Hi-tech industry, and puts forward suggestion on building up Hi-tech industry directory in China.The paper develops an evaluation index system on the developing capability of Hi-tech enterprises. Using this index system and by applying modern inkling mathematical theory, it proposes an index grading standardization method for Hi-tech enterprises to explore its developing capability. This method serves as a reference when evaluating the developing capability. With this evaluation system, a case study is done to evaluate the developing capability of 25 Hi-tech enterprises in Hunan province.The paper also does a research on the possibility of a united development of the Hi-Tech industry and leading industry. Firstly, it states the theory of the evaluation, selection and example demonstration of Hi-Tech leading industry, and emphasizes the aim of developingHi-Tech industry to upgrade the Hi-Tech leading industry. The paper confirms the basic principle, which constructs an evaluation index system to select Hi-Tech leading industry. It sets up an evaluation model for Hi-Tech leading industry, and does a research on selecting evaluation based on the existing Hunan Hi-Tech leading industry. Secondly it describes the inner relationship between Hi-Tech industry renovation and Hi-Tech industry fostering, and points out that experience from other countries has great reference value for Chinese Hi-Tech industries, including upgrading the traditional industry, and using Hi-Tech industry zones to carry out industry renovation. During the renovation of Hi-Tech industry, the improvement of industry renovation network and its functioning have a great impact on Hi-Tech industry renovation. Technology renovation is closely related to the fostering of Hi-Tech industry, while industry renovation, in turn, is related to regional economic power and regional industry concentration degree. Both...
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