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New Type Of Industrialization Strategy And Sustainable Development Of Xinjiang Industry

Posted on:2005-06-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360125959170Subject:Population, resource and environmental economics
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Xinjiang is an underdeveloped area. Compared with national level, its industrialization level is low. How to achieve the goal of industrialization? And what type of industrialization road do we choose?; These are the two questions that can't be evaded. New type of industrialization road best answered these questions. So the research on the question of Xinjiang industrialization, especially on the problem of sustainable development of Xinjiang industry, is of great importance. It will help to quicken the process of industrialization and realize steady development of whole nation.This paper includes an introduction and five parts.The first section mainly explains basic theory of industrialization and new type of industrialization road. There are three parts in this section. The first part gives the definition and relevant theories of industrialization. The second part states basic problems of new type of industrialization. The third part gives the relationship between industrialization and informationalization. It also gives some suggestions on how to quicken the step of informationalization. This section gives the theoretical basis for following analysis.The second section analyses the course and characteristics of Xinjiang industries. It analyses the realization level of industrialization. Then it analyses the leading industries and significance of oil industry and textile industry.The third section discusses the sustainable development of Xinjiang industry based on new type of industrialization. Firstly, it states sustainable development. Secondly, it states sustainable development of industry. Thirdly, it gives thinkingof sustainable development of Xinjiang industry.The forth section analyses key problems of sustainable development of Xinjiang industry. It includes: sustainable development of resources industry, sustainable development of environment protection industry , sustainable development of information industry and elimination the difference between city and countryside.The fifth section discusses sustainable development of major industries. It includes: oil industry, natural gas industry and textile industry.This paper emphasized on following points:First, Xinjiang has rich resources. Oil and cotton are very important for the current development of Xinjiang. Because these industries belong to resource -based industry, they have some limitations. In order to maintain the sustainable development of these industries, there are two questions we should deal with: firstly, how can we extend the industry chain? Secondly, how to choose new and developing industry?Second, industrialization is not only a question of industry, it also includes agriculture. According to the requirement of new type of industrialization, the difference between city and countryside should be eliminated. It is also one of the objectives of industrialization.Third, thinking on the leap-over development of underdeveloped area. Because of deepen regional gap, underdeveloped area must choose new road of development. On one side, they must give full play to existing superiority industries; on the other side, they should foster new and developing industrial for future development. Information industry can be the force of leap-over development.
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