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Theory And Case Research On The Science & Technology Demand In The Environment Of New-Type Industrialization

Posted on:2005-11-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360152456801Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Thesis Topic: Theory and Case Research on the Science & Technology Demand in the Environment of New-Type IndustrializationProfession Name: The technology economy and managementTutor's Name: Professor Li Jianhua This paper has revealed the macroscopic and microcosmic influence of the new-type industrialization road for the demand of science and technology based on studying its intension and feature. Meanwhile, this paper has researched the forming factors, influencing factors and systemic construction of science and technology demand as a system leaded by a new aim of new-type industrialization. Then, the paper has studied science and technology demand's basic theory and how to evaluate and demonstrate it. Therefore, it can be said that there are certain developing meaning and realistic meaning on selecting the paper's subject.New-type industrialization is the concept made according to the times feature of our country in the industrialization process. It has blended the thought of sustainable development in the industrialization process. New-type industrialization's major features differing from traditional industrialization include: ① new-type industrialization cooperates with our country's developing strategy; ② it is on the base of sustainable development; ③ it is the industrialization driven by information in order to realize a leap development; ④its basic task is to adjust; optimize and escalate our country's industrial structure; ⑤ its background is the market economy leaded by the government.The science and technology demand refers to the needs for the objectives of science and technology demand under the effect of needs channels during the development of its main bodies. It includes the direct demand of science and technology and the latent demand of science and technology. Usually, the science and technology demand denotes the direct demand of science and technology. The feature of science and technology demand includes: ① it has a lot of levels and angles; ② it can be expanded;③ its structure is complicated ; ④ it is difficult to measure it. The research scope of the demand of science and technology can be divided for three levels: The enterprise demand of science and technology, the industrial demand of science and technology and the regional demand of science and technology.Industrialization has brought the requirement of developing modern productivity for science and technology. It emphasizes the productivity function of science and technology. But the new-type industrialization has brought three more strict and specific function requirements for science and technology. That is to develop science and technology from the angle of realizing its productivity function, ecological function and informative function. New-type industrialization's function requirement for science and technology does not be isolated but be integrated and comprehensive. Following this thought, the content structure of this paper includes seven parts: introduction, basic theory analysis, method system research, theoretical research, supply ability's appraisement research, demonstration research, conclusion and research prospect. The first part is introduction and it is also the first chapter. This part has discussed the necessaryness and urgentance on selecting this thesis topic and determined the paper's structural frame and researching methods. These are based on summarizing the domestic and international theory and demonstration on industrialization and some researching results on science and technology demand. The second part is basic theory analysis and it is also the second chapter. In the second chapter, three basic conclusions have been achieved through analyzing and reviewing some basic theories such as industrialization theory, sustainable development theory, science and technology development theory, new growth economy theory, demand theory and some researching results according to them. These have set up a support for building a basic theoretical structure and carrying ou...
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