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Modern Information Technology Based Study Of Integration Management Of Mega Construction Projects

Posted on:2005-01-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152480066Subject:Management decision-making and logistics technology
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Mega construction projects are open complex giant systems, management of which will exert great impacts on the national economy, and modern information technology based and total contents, total process and all-party integrated management is one of the key tools that enhance the project management performance.Based on such theories as system science, organizational behavior, modern information technology and complexity study and with reference to advanced management philosophy and concepts in other industries, this dissertation conducts an in-depth analysis of the importance of integration management in mega construction projects and the impacts of modern information technology on project management, based upon which a new concept of total contents, total process and all-party integration, as an original idea, is proposed and a conceptual model of such integration management is formulated. Further, mega construction project related information integration model and the information standardization are studied and a conceptual model for information integration is proposed. A preliminary execution plan is offered for the development and application of the management information platform of one mega construction project. Multi attributes that combine cost, time and quality are also analyzed in this dissertation and a qualitative model and a quantitative model of multi attributes integration are also presented. Process integration acts as the bridge and hub for information integration and all-party integration. This dissertation also presents an in-depth analysis of the total construction process integration and proposes a conceptual model of total life cycle process by means of IDEF0 as an attempt. Based on the above studies, an all-party integration is studied that involve all the parties in a mega construction project, including application of virtual organization in mega construction projects and the win-win scenario among all the parties by means of motivational contract type and partnership. A pilot empirical analysis is made of the research models with three real mega construction projects.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mega construction projects, project management, modern information technology, complex giant systems, integration
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