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Nationality Townships And Government Management Studies

Posted on:2006-10-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C M XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152983409Subject:Minority areas of public administration
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The work of the minority nationality who live scatteredly is an important part of the whole national work in our country. According to the statistics, the scattered population is about 30 million, occupying 32% in the nationalities. In order to guarantee the scattered people s rights and benefits, implement our Party s polices on national equality, national unity and prosperity for all nations, our country has built the township-level regime-ethnic townships to administrate themselves in the small but minority nationality-gathered place where there is on qualifications to be implemented the policy for regional autonomy of minority. This is one of regimes with Chinese characteristics to solve the national issues. By the end of 2003, 1,173 ethnic townships have been built in China.The government s administration has played an important role in the all constructions and progresses in this area since it was built. Today these places have become the indispensable portion in building a well-off society and constructing the harmonious society: no ethnic townships xiaokang, no the whole country s xiaokang; no these places' harmony, no the whole society s harmony. The government also acts a decisive role in building the socialism new national relationship, defending the social security and consolidating the peaceful frontier. But with the time passed, the gap between these areas andother places has not been narrowed, but expanded. The government has more and more difficulties to meet the people s demands for political, material and spiritual civilizations, sometimes it becomes the obstacle on the development road. Of course, there are many factors, such as the changed environments, the adjusted policies, but the main factor is township government-self that has been affected by the traditional system. For example, the unreasonable organization installment, the backward function transformation, the informal actions, the unadvanced methods and the slow construction in the public servants. In order to keep up with times, improve the scattered areas development, and make the government-self strengthen, speeding up to reform the system, promote the management ability is an extremely urgent task. But at present, neither experts from the academic field nor the officials in the government have paid enough attention to it, so I choose Study on the Government's Administration of Ethnic Township as my doctorate essay.In this essay, the township government is put in a comparative larger system to be studied, that is a "county- township- village" system. By reforming the current relationship on county-township, township-village, we can find the pulling and pushing forces to improve the township government s reform. But the outside factors are decided by the inside ones, so we have to accelerate to innovate under the Central Government's guideline.The essay contains five chapters except the introduction and conclusion.Introduction, it mainly discusses the reasons for choosing the topic, the study values, the relate research and comments on this topic, the explanations for some concepts, the study methods, the train of thought for writing , the new viewpoints and so on.Chapter ⅠDiscussion on the Common Issues for the Ethnic township , this chapter includes the connotation, the basic principles and conditions for building, the regime s characters, and the existing problems belonging to ethnic township.Chapter Ⅱ Analysis of the Government's Administration, it concludes its obligations and competence, position and functions, principles and characters.Chapter Ⅲ Leading System of County-township & Ethnic Township Government's Administration, at first, it analyzes the bad effects on township caused by this relationship between the two governments, then discusses the causes and puts forward some suggestions.Chapter Ⅳ Structure between Township-government and Villagers, Self-government & Ethnic Township Government's Administration, after expounding the effects brought about by villagers' self-government, it analyses the reasons that make the...
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