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Research On Structure Of "Township Government And Villager Autonomy"

Posted on:2006-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185486631Subject:Public Management
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With the practice and development of the villager s' self-governance, China's rural society has formed a new political structure of "Township Administration and Villagers' Autonomy". According to the institutions of China, the township government is the basic-level government of China and the villagers' committee is an autonomous organization of villagers under the township governance. However, there exit phenomenon of irregular and discoordinative behaviors and even conflicts between the township and the villagers' committee in practice, which seriously confine the efficient performance of the executive functions of the township government and the healthy development of the villagers' self-governance.Through the analysis on the current situation in the relationship between the township government and villagers' committee, taking Yiwu County of Zhejiang Province as an example, the article tries to explore the deep reasons of the phenomenon and the possible solutions to them.The paper consists of four parts: part one is an introduction, starts with questions, explaining the research approaches; part two describes conditions of the relationship between the township government and the villagers' committee, under the "pressure" system, the villagers' committee plays a role of administrative organization, whereas the low capabilities of township government and villagers' committee, the game between them produces complicated relationship among the villagers' organizations; part three analyzes the reasons of the problem, and points out that there are many factors affecting the inharmonic between the state development strategy and the villagers development needs, the conflicts between state govern principles and township govern operational rules, the system vacancy of the law, the dissymmetry of the resources owned by the townships and villagers; part four releases measures and advices to them.
Keywords/Search Tags:township administration and villagers' autonomy, villagers' self-governance, relationship between the township government and the villager, benefit-games
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