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The Research On Township Administration System Reform In China From Township Governments' Performance In Rural Old-age Security System

Posted on:2013-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330371954970Subject:Administrative Management
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As the largest developing country in the world, our country has entered the era of aging population. Because of the long-term urban-rural dual economic structure, "peasant-worker" flushed out to the city, the effect of Family-planning Policy, and so on, our rural society faces more serious aging problem. With the increase of the number of the "left-behind empty nest" old people in the rural, the weakening of the traditional family pension function, to establish the effective system of the rural old-age security is imperative. The township government is "the tail of the regime, the head of the rural", and it is the only government hierarchy to directly contact with the rural society, so the township government plays an important role in the rural old-age security system.This paper is based on the idea of service-oriented government and the theory of local governments'function. Firstly, by reviewing the history and drawing on foreign experience, this paper analysis the township government's ideal function in the rural old-age support. Then taking two township governments in Nantong as a case, this paper illustrates the township government's positive and negative behavior performance in the rural old-age security. And by analyzing the reasons of the nonstandard behavior of the township government in the rural old-age security system, this thesis concludes that the current township administration system is the fundamental reason. At last, to the reason, the suggestion that reform township administration system is put forward. The purpose of this paper is to make theoretical contributions to Chinese township administration system reform, which can promote the township government effectively play a part in the rural old-age security system and lay a solid foundation for the achievement of the service-oriented township government and good governance in our rural society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural old-age security system, township government, administration reform, service-oriented government
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