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The Research On Trade Credit Management Method And Strategy

Posted on:2006-06-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360155958697Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Modern economic is credit economic. Trade credit is the tool for raising enterprise benefit and enhancing enterprise market competence. Trade credit is also a two-edged blade for benefit together with risk. As the worse credit environment in our country and poor credit management of enterprise, trade credit has been less utilized to some degree. In order to resolve the important and difficult problem of enterprise trade credit management, trade credit management theory, method and mode, trade credit risk management, trade credit designing policy and receivables management has been studied, which has the important meaning for enhancing trade credit management, raising the utilization of trade credit and promoting enterprising development and social credit system construction. The primary work in the dissertation includes:(1) Enterprise trade credit management theory, means and modes has been studied.Financial management, risk management, strategy management, organization theory have been fused into the framework of integrated management, which can realize the completing orientation and process management for trade credit. (2) Trade credit risk assessment model has been built.By the comprehensive analysis of trade credit risk, basic quality risk, corporatecredit risk, finance risk, brand credit risk and transaction credit risk has been decided. Trade credit risk evaluation index system, which including 52 indexes, has been built. In order to deal with imperfect data and qualitative information, the trade credit risk evaluation model using Grey Relational Analysis together with D-S Proof Fusion has built. The model has good robustness, adaptability and maneuverability.(3) The trade credit policy based on enterprise strategy has been designed.Credit policy is important composition of enterprise strategy. Effecting factors ofcustomer and enterprise for trade credit policy have been analyzed. Based on the analysis, hidden markov model of multi-phased dynamic game has been built for trade credit policy designing. The model can guide the different strategy for enterprise in different phases of credit transaction, has the function of raising benefit and reducing risk.(4) Account receivable management has been studied.Receivable information system has been analyzed. Account receivable risk management methods and risk avoidance have been studied. Combination theory has...
Keywords/Search Tags:Trade Credit, Risk Management, credit policy, Account receivable, Game
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