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Discussing About Credit Management Of Enterprise In Our Country's International Trade Settlement

Posted on:2005-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F B LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125959378Subject:International Trade
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With the world economy incorporating continuously, the buyers' market has already come into being during the universal trade. At the same time, the ways of export competition have been various. And the degrees of competition has become deeply.So the exporters can't meet the demands of competition completely only depending on the merchandise advantage (such as quality, package , price).Using commerce credit in business to further strengthen the competition, while taking effective measures to keep away risk , has become general modus operandi for exporters in many countries.Now the commerce credit has become the center of international trade development again.And L/C settltment mode has been verging in the whole trade settlement market. Under this background,L/C ,which is long-time main settlement mode in our country, has been challenged.But using commerce credit in business purely will bring credit risk that is character of account receivable vastly,which will impact on the export increasing for our country . So how to overcome obstacles of export credit risk for our country's enterprises and using commerce credit in business with a bold hand, is great significance for the healthy development of our country's trade cause. The paper starts with the common operation in international trade settlement, from which I discuss the relationship between the international trade settlement and credit management . Then , I introduce the mainstream in the current international trade settlement , among which I focus on discoursing upon the combination mechanism of the international trade settlement which embodies the ideas of export credit management .Then I analyse the existing problems that arise the disparity between our country and the world in international trade settlement. Based on it , I explain that strengthening the credit management will do their work in choosing the international trade settlement mode for our enterprises by cost and game theory analysis. Lastly,the paper gives some measures aimed at how to improve our country's credit management during the international trade settlement. So that the exporters in our country can use commerce credit settlement mode rather than L/C to increase exports,which go with the international tide.
Keywords/Search Tags:international trade settlement, credit risk, credit management, account receivable
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