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Studies On Project Management Of Agricultural Science And Technology In China

Posted on:2006-09-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360155962155Subject:Forestry Economics and Management
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Progress in science and technology is the basic impetus for the long-term consistent development. The factors, such as invest, research and industrialization, are essential to the development in agricultural science and technology. With the further reform of china socialism market system and the continuous development of national economy, the domestic and international environments for the development of the agriculture sci-technology have been greatly changed. The governing system of agriculture sci-technology and the method of its item management, are being transformed era. It is necessary to make the development of the agriculture science and technology which required for the new era in order to improve the efficiency of resource of the agriculture science and technology, encourage the enthusiasm and creativity, raise the conversion rate of the agriculture science and technology. Because of them, we should muster up our courage to establish the perfect management system and mode that meet science development view and adapt the request of socialism market economy as soon as possible. The modernized governing should be performed to improve the management of items in agriculture sci-technology.The present thesis studied our agriculture sci-technology project management using the theory and method of modern project management for the first time. The article described the improvement of the efficiency of resource as its springboard, the agriculture science and technology item management as its research object, and the innovation of its mode and mechanism as its pivot. This was based on the present level of the national agriculture productivity and the characteristics of agriculture sci- technology using the theory and method of modern project management, drawing the advanced experience of the agriculture sci-technology project management in the foreign countries. The management mode and the planning, establishing, organizing, implementing, industrializing, controlling and inspecting mechanism of the agriculture sci-technology project were investigated at macroscopic and microscopic levels.The full text consists of eight chapters. The concise content and the new views are summarized as follows:Chapter 1 introduces the background and significance of the project, research object, basic concepts, the structural system and research method. The research ofthe agriculture sci-technology project management analyzes not only the system and frames of the agricultural sci-technology project management at the macro-management level, but also the mode and the mechanism of the agriculture science and technology project at the micro-management level. The concept of management in agriculture sci-technology project includes three essential points: agriculture, sci- technology and project management. They appear on the blending of the three edge courses(agriculture sci-technology, sci- technology project management and the agriculture project management). Those analyses provided the direction for the research.Chapter 2 mainly discusses the basic theories and method of modern project management. It briefly introduces the developmental process, basic contents , main functions and the situation of its application and development in China. It stresses that the substance of project management is to complete a destination on time, based on the cost and the scope. Its process includes the beginning, planning, performance, controlling, ending of affair etc, which lead to the nine scopes and methods that consist of the scope, time, cost, resources, quantity, risk, communicating, buying and gathering etc. In this part, the theoretical frame for the textual research is established and provides basic technical route.In Chapter 3, such factors as inputting, human resource, education and expansion are compared and analyzed by taking the macro-management system of the agriculture sci-technology item as the principal axis in two developed countries, USA and Japan, and the developing countries, India and Egypt. Drawing lessons from foreign experience, the project management in agriculture sci-technology brings the function of management of the agriculture sci- technology, to set up the a multi-systems agriculture science and technology research system that matches the agriculture characteristics, forms the predominant agriculture science and technology margin system which take the government devotion as dominance, setting up the agriculture science and technology development system that meet the agriculture development characteristics.Chapter 4 focus on analysis of the developing progress and present status of the research system on agriculture sci-technology, the program about agriculture sci-technology, and the system of agriculture sci-technology project management, briefly introducing the historic reformation and present situation of the agriculture sci-technology project management in China. It is concluded that problem such asthe inefficiency of the project management system, the behind schedule mode of project management, the lack of the directors qualities, still exists though the reformation on the mode and methods of the agriculture science and technology project management has made progress and produced a effect.Chapter 5 that discusses the target mode of the national agriculture science and technology project management, is the one of the major points to be emphasized. Firstly, necessity and feasibility of applying modern project management theory and method in agriculture science and technology project management are discussed. In addition, the principles, targets of the reform of the management mode are also discussed. The target mode of the agriculture technology and science project management are combining the target management and dynamic process management with the characteristic to apply internet and classifying target management and carrying out the dynamic process management with the principles of "planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling", establishing the flexible project organization, taking modern management method and technology, emphasizing management of accomplishment. Secondly, it discusses the target management methods of the agriculture sci-technology project. It minutely analyzes the links of management target, such as decomposing, realizing, determining, rewards and penalties, and so on. The target of agriculture sci-technology project is aimed at the application of project management. The target management of agriculture sci-technology in fact takes the applied target as background, aiming against the contents of management target, the individual capability and the assignment as the managing object, the organization and the efficiency of team activity as the managing center, the resource capacity and utilization ratio as the managing base, putting the coming management target of agriculture science and technology project into examination. The target management of agriculture sci-technology project should be considered that may produce some problems such as the indefinite of applied target, the ineffective of project management target, and so on. So, building the alternative applied target and alternative management target should be concentrated efforts on.Thirdly, in this chapter, the methods of the dynamic progress management of the agriculture sci-technology are analyzed. The managing links, such as the distinction and analysis of progress, the built of progressing model, and the controlling of progress are minutely analyzed. Some influences, for example, from knowledgedivergence, knowledge cohesion and knowledge mingling, are considered. The efficiency model of the progressing management of the agriculture science and technology project must be concentrated efforts on, forming characteristic decomposing, knowledge decomposing, effective activity decomposing.The item management mechanism in China is analyzed in chapter 6 which is one of the key points in the thesis. Firstly, the system frame agriculture technological manage should be improved in order to establish the whole process of control system. According to the object principle, the important management system and the coordination management system are established. The agency organization such as "agriculture technology item management center" is also being established. Secondly, the important agriculture technology mode which is comprised of cooperation group, counselor group, special research group and so on should be established, taking special subject, internal matrix type of section, simplification business system etc. Thirdly, the classification evaluation, target evaluation and procedure form should be set up to perfect the method of evaluation mechanism, using PDCA plan management completely quantity management, the control mechanism of research budget and the mechanism of encouragement to improve the control mechanism in order to. improve decision mechanism, control and defend mechanism. Fourthly, such multi layer and divers system of the agriculture technique, and the agriculture expansion mode to improve the farmer diathesis and the devotion service mechanism must be established.The exterior environment of the managed item of the agriculture technology is analyzed in the Chapter7. The main status of the financial vest in the agriculture sci-technology should be insisted by adjusting the invested construction of the agriculture science and technology and reducing the social burden of the agriculture sci-technology. Actually, the approach of the prevalence and expansion of the property right of agriculture technology, the protect application of patent and brand right and the protection and organize construction of inhibiting the right of intensive competition, should also be enhanced by boosting positively the innovation of the rural economic system and agriculture technique policy, popularizing the mechanization of the agriculture and the progressive and adaptive technique, developing the high and new technique agriculture, enlarging the need of the agriculture technique .improving the demanded environment of agriculture technique.
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