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Research On Regional National Autonomy Of China From The Perspective Of Constitutionalism

Posted on:2007-06-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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National ecology of Unity of Pluralistic groups of Chinese Nation determines the particularity of the national structure. Regional national autonomy was born with the constitutional government construction in China, has become an organic composition of constitutionalism of China, it has innovated the form of state structure and enriched constitutionalism system theory with Chinese characteristic. The state of constitutionalism construction and process decide the perfection and development of regional national autonomy system. The probe and practice of regional national autonomy have expanded the realistic connotation of China constitutionalism construction, accelerated the complementary of local system construction, boosted the development and national integration of constitutional government, China in the future shall remain a local system with diversification in a quite long period. From Regional National Autonomy Implementation outline in 1952 to current National Region Autonomy Law, they have impenetrated with the equality and unity spirit of not only opposing Han chauvinism, but also opposing local nationalism, except not permitting free selection in political system, minority nationalities enjoy with comprehensive autonomous right in politics, economics, society, culture, religion and other fields.Regional national autonomy is a political system grown, evolved and developed under the constitutional system of our country, the development direction of national region autonomy can not deviate from the basic political system determined by our constitution. The essence of the research on regional national autonomy from the perspective of constitutionalism is to research on the varied problems of system construction which have occurred or will possibly occur in the practice of regional national autonomy from theory and practice, applying constitutional theory under current constitutionalism system, in order to provide a theoretical frame for the perfection and development of regional national autonomy as a theoretical basis for making decision. The concrete research ways are: observe and research with bringing regional national autonomy into the macro background of international and domestic vicissitude, take theory probe & development and constitutional government practice and & development as two main lines, and show the historical prospect of national region autonomy;Closelyconnect the process of China rule of law with the development of constitutionalism construction, to draw the outline of the goal of development of regional national autonomy.The innovation and value of this paper are the following three aspects:I. Break through scientific barrier, expand the research realm and realistic connotation of politics and constitutionalism, to boost the establishment of cross-disciplinary legal politics. Constitutionalism analysis of national region autonomy is an interdisciplinary topic with a lot of cross-disciplines, which involves ethnology, constitutionalism, etc. except for politics. The research of this interdisciplinary demands to enhance the research of law to the system from the rules, implement research in constitutionalism to concrete system arrangement from the idea, master well the significance of regional national autonomy from the level of constitutionalism, from the level of national region autonomy, unscramble the structure and operation mechanism of China constitutionalism, push forward the spirit of rule of law to the political realm, seek operable institutionalization mechanism and theoretical basis for boosting political system reform and realizing the rule of law in political realm. Therefore, the research of this basic cross-discipline can provide unique theoretical visual angle for understanding and pondering regional national autonomy system of China, it shall be favorable to deepening the theoretical research of regional national autonomy, and expand research realm of realistic connotation of politics and constitutionalism.II. Topic selection and uniqueness of research visual angle, enhance the understanding of national region autonomy to constitutional government level. Through academic retrospection, we found that most of the current researches relating to regional national autonomy have been introduced and annotated from politics and policy levels, which could not show the constitutionalism implied meaning contained by regional national autonomy, nor explain the relationship among regional national autonomy and constitutionalism system as well as government structure and human right security. First, the paper advances the research of regional national autonomy to the level of constitutionalism and the concrete system level, thus forming more objective and complete understanding on regional national autonomy, it is favorable to the perfection and development of regional national autonomy. The point of view and conclusion of its probe are probably discussable, yet the topic selection and visual angle of research enjoywith innovativeness.III. Based on national situation of China, focusing on the concrete system construction, boost the development of regional national autonomy to the level of concrete system. Regional national autonomy system is one of three major basic political systems in China, the final research objective of this paper is to break through long-term lingering at the state of whole description of the basic political system, explore and seek feasible theoretical frame of regional national autonomy, as theoretical basis look for theoretical basis for building socialist democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law and realizing national harmony as well as constructing a harmonious society of socialism. It is clear that the research of this paper has impenetrated the concrete system construction and abstract theoretical probe, in order to enable the research to have both values in academic theory and practical application as possible.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional national autonomy, Constitutionalism construction, System construction, Local autonomy
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