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Research On The Transformation Of The Ruling Style Of Communist Party Of China

Posted on:2007-12-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360185457958Subject:Political Theory
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The ruling position of CPC determines that CPC should apply the right ruling style in order to realize its national leading role, basically fulfilled in the political aspect, which makes the Party to pay special concern to control the national regime, namely, to the pay special concern on its ruling way. The research on the transformation of the ruling style of the Communist Party of China has theoretical and practical values, and serves as a new issue for the Party to construct socialism with Chinese features, and also acts as a new demand to reply with the changes of the international environments. This research can not only enrich and develop the Marxist political theories and perfect the theories foundation of the CPC's ruling legitimacy, but also advance the CPC's ruling ability and improve the construction of national regime. Moreover, it can improve the construction of socialism with Chinese features to realize CPC's ruling target.After the values of the socialist democracy established, the questions of which political system we should choose and how to put politics in practice in that system should be answered. The innovation of the party's ruling style relates to the political system and some important questions in the process of political practice, and it is a key point to fulfill the Party's values and targets. Researching the innovation of the CPC's ruling way should put the ruling style in the view of the Party's political system and seek after the universal request of modern Parties'activities by comparing the parties with different characters and of different types. As the most advanced party in the human history,...
Keywords/Search Tags:Party, Reign, Ruling Style, Transformation of the Ruling Style, the Chinese Communist Party
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