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The Way Of Reforming And Perfecting CPC's Ruling Style

Posted on:2012-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368483609Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The ruling way is one of the important contents in incumbent party construction and development. Based on the Chinese communist party's ruling angle, adopting a history and reality contact, theory and practice, this paper discuss the choice of the Chinese communist party to reform and perfect the ruling way. Firstly, this article studies the connotation of the ruling way and the related theory problem. On this basis, as a starting point, we explore the history of the Chinese communist party, and summarize some useful experience:we must follow the development Marxism-Leninism. We must insist on the ruling way to keep pace with the times. We must follow scientific ruling, democracy ruling, and the legal ruling. Secondly, from the party in historical position, the international situation, this article analyses the necessity of reforming and improving governance. Then we explain the extent of scientific ruling, democracy ruling and legal ruling. Finally, the paper mainly discusses the way to make scientific ruling, democracy ruling and legal ruling come true. We must build up the scientific thought, follow the scientific laws, use the scientific system arrangement and scientific method to assure ruling scientific. We must establish democratic idea, guarantee the institutionalization of democracy and procedures, development inner-party democracy and democracy at the community level. We must establish the modern law idea, and use the law to achieve legal ruling.
Keywords/Search Tags:the communist party of china (CPC), ruling way, scientific ruling, democratic ruling, legal ruling
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