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Comparative Studies Of Certain Questions On The CPC's Partial Ruling In The Chinese Soviet Area Period And Yan'an Period

Posted on:2010-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360278479799Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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With going deep into that academic circles studies , about the Communist Party of China is in power, problem extension and connotation have all got expansion. Academic circles approves at present all consistently, if wanting the problem studying Communist Party of China's being in power , right away, the history evolution ought to be in power from Party begins to set about , Mr. Li Jun Ru's"essential points takes Communist Party of China seriously especially being in power history go into"("the Communist Party of China party's history studies"4th issue in 2003) further makes clear that pointing out among one culture"Communist Party of China has experienced the course of history being in power from part being in power to the whole nation range inner one being rich in Chinese characteristics like this", stage the history being in power moreover with part the period of democratic revolution is divided for the agrarian revolution wartime , three Anti-Japanese War periods and war of liberation periods, have made clear that the Communist Party of China is in power history ought to begin to be in power in part of the Communist Party of China the period of democratic revolution, this the problem once opening up important sex research results for we are in power to the Communist Party of China the period of democratic revolution part satisfies many angles of bearing go into having provided beneficial thought turning point and having opened and enlightened.The main body of a book exactly be along this one train of thought trajectory , come to study some problem"how to be in power"in surrounding"Communist Party of China is in power learning", may be allotted the aspect discussing the different in this two Soviet Area periods and Yan'an periods stage of Party for four Zhang Lai how to be in power unfolding contrast studies , be burning drawing lessons again"being in power coming to expound some aspect in seven stratagems"Be Soviet Area period and Yan'an period Party is in power environment comparison go into; And, from the impact of international and in the homeland environment over this two periods, aspect gives comparative analysis. Second chapters are Soviet Area periods Party governance style comparison studies with Yan'an period , intend to make two big aspect from regime of Soviet with"the three-thirds"regime and workers , peasants and soldiers congress system with the consultative council giving contrast studies and; Third chapters are Soviet Area period and Yan'an period Party is in power resource comparison go into, intends to analyse comparison from economy resource , politics resource , organization resource and thought culture coming four resource aspect; Fourth chapters are Soviet Area periods Party take charge of political achievements effect comparison go into with Yan'an period , active effect and defects intending to come into being from being in power come to comparative analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Communist Party of China, Chinese Soviet Area period, Yan'an period, Ruling Environment, Ruling resources, Ruling style, Ruling political achievements effect
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