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A Study On The Ruling Style Of Communist Party Of China

Posted on:2006-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182967215Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Ruling style ability of administration concrete embodiment in practice, it is way of realization and practice of ability of administration that rely on. The ruling style of the party, what kind of form , means , method operation state power are used by a political party, in order to realize the goal of struggle of the party. Whether the ruling style is scientific and normal , rational, play a very important role to ability of administration. Our party to improve the ability of administration further investigate the ruling style constantly, one should, the ruling style to the party is improving and improving constantly, in order to meet the trends of the civilization and international changing situation of the world, meet reform and opening-up and demand for development of socialist market economy, meet the requirement of building socialist political civilization, meet the broad masses of the people's hope and requirement the most.Science is in power, democracy is in power, control political power according to law, it is three basic key elements of the ruling style of the party, the close connection between three , unifying organically, form the basic theories frame of ruling style construction of my party. It is a basic prerequisite that science is in power , it is the essence that democracy is in power , it is a basic way to control political power according to law, the three unify in scientific process , democratization and practice activity and historical process legalized in power of Communist Party. The proposition that science is in power , democracy is in power, control political power according to law, indicate the understanding of ruling style of our party has new promotion and expansion, insist and improve the style of leadership of the party and ruling style to us, have important directive significance.Communist Party is in power to lead and support the people to master one's own affairs, mobilize and organize the people to manage the country and social affairs in accordance with the law widely enough, manage the economic and cultural undertakings, safeguard and realize the people's basic benefit. Communist Party of China must insist democracy in power , is it is it in power , in power for people by the people to insist to want just. Insist and improve the poeple's congress system, insist and improve the democratic centralism, bring along people's democracy in order to develop inner-party democracy, strengthen the most extensive patriotic united front, expand citizen's orderly politics to participate in , guarantee the people implement democratic election , democratic decision-making , democratic management , democratic supervision in accordance with the law, it is the essential requirement that our party assumes power for the people, it is development socialist democratic politics , basic way to build socialist political civilization too.It is a kind of basic way in power of party under a new historical condition to control political power according to law. Constitution and law party advocate and unity , people of will. Insist on controlling political power according to law, should just catch this important link with fundamental, stability , long period of time of overall importance of legal construction tightly, insisting on running the country according to law, the leader legislates, take the lead to abide by the law, guarantee to enforce the law , is advancing legalizing , standardization of country's economic , political , cultural , social life constantly, guarantee the carrying out and implementation of the lines , principles and policies of the party from legal system. Be good at becoming through the due course of law the national will of the opinion of the party, guarantee the national long-term stability and coordinated development of the society with the legal system.It is the basic demand in power of the party under a new historical condition that science is in power. The state power has one's own peculiar nature, characteristic and operates the law. Party in power or person in power must understanding that the state power is scientific,hold and not that regime operate without being followed law, at the request of law , carry on the disposition with rational science to state power, make each part, of various fields power is it coordinate coupling supervise the relation restrained from each other also to form, thus can run on the democracy , science , high-efficient track . Science in power, according to in power lawing and relying on scientific system, method in power scientific, know and grasp Communist Party not to in power law , socialist construction law , mankind's law of social development further, is it set up in use foundation of objective law consciously to in power science.
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