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A Study Of The Legal Supervision System Of The State-shared Property Conveyance

Posted on:2007-04-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360185472619Subject:Economic Law
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The State-shared Property Conveyance is one of the significant reform paths that China has chosen to make a strategic readjustment on the State-owned economy during the change from the planned economy to the market one. This reform needs right policies and legal supervision as it deeply affects the national ownership regulations and the change of the mode of economy increase, including vast and general interests. This dissertation mainly discusses the legal supervision system of the state-shared property on the basis of the deep analysis about the background and reality of the present supervision system. This dissertation consists of seven chapters and an introduction ahead.Chapter 1 The Origin and Reform of the State-shared Property System in the EnterpriseThis chapter has two parts. The former one analyzes the relation between the State-shared Property System in the Enterprise and the nation, and tells the history of the formation of the state-shared property after the foundation of the People's Republic of China. This part pledges that the state-shared property system is a necessary property system for the nation to accomplish its political and economical commissions. Nevertheless, this step has been replaced by the movement of privy in the western world as time passing by.The latter part dissects the dispute focus of the state-shared property conveyance that aroused by the policy of "state share out and private share in". This part has two key ideas. The first one goes like following. It is necessary to convey the state-shared property. The establishment of the market economy system needs the conveyance. Nowadays, the low efficiency of the running of the state-owned property, the administrative monopoly and the unbalanced distribution all go against the requirements of the market economy. Only the state-shared property disappears from the general competing sphere, can the competitive market come out, and can the market economy grow smoothly. And...
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